BriskBard : 10 Apps in One Made by a Single Developer

After a long development period, BriskBard is now available for everyone.

Salvador Diaz Fau, an independent Windows developer, has released BriskBard, an all-in-one Windows program to carry out the most common tasks in Internet with only one app

According to the latest statistical reports released by the AIMC in Spain, Eurostat, the Office for National Statistics in the UK or the Pew Research Center about Internet activities, the most common tasks are related to email, web browsing and media playing. Many of those tasks require several programs that need to be installed independently and updated regularly in order to be safe on the Internet. 

BriskBard simplifies all those tasks integrating in one single program a web browser, an email client, a media player, a news aggregator, instant messaging, a file transfer client, a newsgroups reader, a contact manager and several web developer tools.

Safety, privacy and open standards are three of the main factors in the development of BriskBard. Just to name a couple of its features, erasing all the browsing data can be done with two clicks and the message viewer uses a completely new engine to display its contents safely.

For more information about BriskBard or to download a trial version visit


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