Bringing the Local Nonprofit Community Together in Clearwater

The Church of Scientology hosts bimonthly Charity Coalition luncheon at the Fort Harrison Crystal Ballroom.

Summer Charity Coalition luncheon hosted by the Church of Scientology at the Fort Harrison Crystal Ballroom

Some 100 Tampa Bay Area nonprofit community leaders attended the Summer Charity Coalition Luncheon. The program was hosted by the Church of Scientology at the Fort Harrison Crystal Ballroom.

Guest speaker Esther Fife of Operation HOPE briefed the guests on the purpose and activities of her organization. Operation HOPE is a nonprofit social investment banking and self-help organization providing economic empowerment tools and services. One of their services is complimentary literacy education such as the seminar Ms. Fife conducted in Clearwater at the Church of Scientology Community Center.

Dylan Pires, Community Affairs Director for the Church of Scientology in Clearwater, spoke of the precept “Fulfill Your Obligations” from The Way to Happiness, the nonreligious commonsense moral code written by L. Ron Hubbard. He showed that following this precept is part and parcel of achieving the goals of Operation HOPE: to provide financial literacy empowerment for youth, financial capability for communities, and ultimately, financial dignity for all. 

One of the most popular elements of the afternoon was a “speed networking” session run by Julieta Santagostino, President of the Clearwater Foundation for a Drug-Free World, resulting in those attending meeting many new people. Guests were given two minutes to approach, introduce themselves and exchange business cards with someone they hadn’t met before. After two minutes a buzzer was sounded and they switched partners.

The Church hosts bi-monthly Charity Coalition Luncheons bringing together leaders in the nonprofit community of the greater Tampa area to encourage mutual cooperation and networking and accomplish humanitarian goals for the region.


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