Bring Your Home to Life With Art of the Sublime From Leonoriss

On August 2nd, 2016, Mojca Fabjan is bringing stunning ethereal art canvases to homes across the globe with her soothing sculptural play of light and dark with her gorgeous Dreamlike Equilibrium Collection.

Dreamlike Equilibrium Collection

“The inspiration you seek is already within you. Be silent and Listen.” - Rumi

A beautifully decorated home deserves art that is inspirational, fills the room with its bold strokes, and sets ones mind ablaze with stories and thoughts. Pieces of art should compliment each room bringing layers of depth, play with light and shadow, and have deeper meaning to enhance the space. Every time a work of art viewed there should be something new to see. Some little nuance missed before but discovered like a small hidden gem. Leonoriss creative arts has been setting the gold standard for beautiful works of mixed media art to decorate every room in the house since 2009 .

Mojca Fabjan has always been a creative soul and firmly believes in art created to nourish your heart and soul. Her humble beginnings as a mixed media artist started long ago and continue forward to today. She combines a love of layering techniques to create something almost sculptural and structural to her works of art. With such in depth work and so many layers there is something always new to see from each angle, a new thought to consider, or a hint of inspiration to be found. The love of art and sharing it with others to brighten their homes and make them more beautiful are what led to Mojcaa to share herself and her art with the world through her studio Leonoriss.

Leonoriss creative arts is a beautiful home studio that creates gorgeous one of a kind canvases, works of art, and inspirational pieces to decorate home or offices. This is not run of the mill works of art that can be found anywhere. They are sculpted and created by hand to have amazing flowing design elements that creates wonderful pattern and texture that play with light and color. Every piece is individual and unique, created using artisanal techniques and materials for a work of art that will be cherished in homes for years to come. Mojca has been hard at work on her newest collection and is ready to debut it to the world as she introduces the Dreamlike Equilibrium Collection.

The Dreamlike Equilibrium Collection was created to explore the interplay between light and dark, dream like states, and waking moments. This debut collection not only launches these amazing works of art but also Mojca’s website featuring the entire collection open to the public and not just discerning collectors. Now anyone can own a beautiful work of art for any room in the home or office to brighten it and bring an inspired touch to the space.

Art lovers everywhere will clamor for the Dreamlike Equilibrium Collection. The undulating forms and beautiful gossamer water like texture are wonderful to behold. Interplay between light and dark is just exquisite and perfectly played to perfection beneath the capable fingers of Mojca. Displayed prominently in a living room where it captures the light or a dining room as a central centerpiece over a buffet this is a collection that will have guests taking notice. They will not be able to resist reaching out to touch it feeling the rise and fall of the sculptural quality or the interplay of textures. It is all here in one form that will mesmerize time and time again.

Picasso himself said that the purpose of art is washing away the dust of daily life off our souls. Bring artistic expression into your home and life. Nurture your spirit with something that speaks to your heart from Leonoriss. Explore those moments between dreams and awaking when the darkness still surrounds you and light starts to filter in. Experience life in a new way through the artistry and influence of mixed media sculptural art.  

About Leonoriss creative arts

Mojca Fabjan began her journey as an artist long before she first opened her studio in 2009. Always a creative person she practically lives and breathes art. She has dabbled in a variety of industries from business to consulting services. It was the firm background she needed for herself all though she never forgot her artistic soul.

Inspired by the world around her as well as philosophers, artist, and writers she has a true passion for nature. She calls it the ultimate canvas and has found infinite amounts of inspiration hidden within the natural world. Whether is the the motion of the waves, the texture of a rock, or the interplay of light and dark through the leaves in a forest it all finds its way into Mojca’s art. Driven by Dostoyevsky's vision she strives to bring beauty to the world through her work hoping that it will inspire others.

When she is not painting or in the studio Mojca loves to dive into a good book and read. She can get lost in a good piece of literature. Spending time in nature just observing and interacting with it brings peace to her spirit. Her passion for art is never very far away though and she can often be found exploring unusual materials and trying out interesting techniques. Debuting this collection with everyone has been a dream come true for Mojca. It is her hope that it brings beauty, love, peace, and inspiration into homes across the world.

Contact Info:

You can contact Mojca personally at or on her contact page at: To see the lovely and inspiring Dreamlike Equilibrium Collection on August 2nd head over to To get behind the scenes studio tours and information get up to date with Mojca on Facebook at She also can be followed on instagram at for all the latest up to date news and sneak peeks.​

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