Brighttail's New Book Reveals Solution to the 'Buystander Problem' in B2B Markets

'Buystander Personas' gives marketers a framework for researching and creating demand among the 95% of B2B audiences who aren’t buying.

As B2B marketers grapple to drive profitable growth in today’s fiercely competitive markets, a groundbreaking solution has emerged to transform that landscape. In his new book Buystander Personas, author Matthew Lewsadder, founder of Brighttail, guides us beyond the familiar world of in-market buyers to uncover transformative new insights into the 95% of B2B buyers who are still out-of-market. The book gives marketers a step-by-step framework for building Buystander Personas, unleashing latent demand, and winning customers where others aren’t competing. 

Research shows that at any given time only 5% of potential buyers are actively in the market. The other 95%? They’re still sitting on the sidelines, content with their existing status quo. Buystander Personas takes aim at this large, untapped market, giving B2B marketers a practical methodology for unleashing latent demand in non-buying audiences.

“In a world where both competition and customer acquisition costs have reached record highs,” explained Lewsadder, “B2B marketers can’t afford to continue to fight over just 5% of the market. The real opportunity is in creating demand among out-of-market audiences, where competition and costs are lower. I wrote this book to provide a practical, step-by-step framework for doing that.”

Filled with valuable research, field insights, and success stories, Buystander Personas gives you the play-by-play you need to learn about:

  • The limitations of prevailing B2B demand gen strategies
  • The warning signs of the Buystander problem
  • Demand creation — the missing piece of B2B marketing
  • Where and how to find your Buystanders
  • Developing Buystander personas with five pillars of insights
  • Using your Buystander personas to create new demand

“Sometimes the most obvious solution is sitting in plain sight. Leave it to Matthew Lewsadder, one of the most strategic B2B marketers I’ve had the pleasure to work with, to discover what we’ve all been tripping over for years,” said Thomas White, Co-CMO, LTSE. “Buystander Personas sheds light on the limitations of buyer personas and existing demand-gen strategies, and it reveals why it is imperative for us to understand what’s preventing so many people from starting their buying journeys in the first place.”

Buystander Personas is now available in both e-book and print versions at Amazon for only $9.99 and $21.99, respectively. To learn more about Buystander Personas, visit our website

About the Author

Matthew Lewsadder is a strategic advisor, author, and speaker who helps B2B technology companies create brands that people love — and products they can’t live without. For the better part of two decades, he has partnered with B2B executive teams across industries and geographies to uncover breakthrough insights and translate them into strategies that drive brand differentiation, unleash hidden demand, and fuel revenue growth. Matthew is the founder and Managing Director of Brighttail, a full-service agency that helps B2B firms turn demand marketing into their unfair advantage.

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