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Bridgepoint Consulting, an Addison Group Company, is a leading management consulting firm, continually recognized in the industry for its C-level consultants and financial experts that guide organizations to drive innovation and execute successful business transformations in finance, operational improvements, strategy and technology integration, regulatory compliance and more. 

Bridgepoint Consulting planted roots in Boston this past April, and recently, the firm announced that Anthony Madigan, a financial sales and business development expert in the space of fixed income trading strategy, portfolio & investment management, and buy & sell marketing, had been named Director of Private Equity Services in its new Boston office. With offices in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Boston, and Denver, the move to expand investment of its private equity offerings out of Boston is yet another nod to their experts keeping abreast of local market needs. 

According to the American Investment Council 2020 Top States and Districts Report, Massachusetts ranked #5, with $37 billion in received private equity investments, magnifying Boston as a well-documented mega-hub of private equity firms looking to invest in businesses from start-up to IPO, to legacy sales and revamps. Bridgepoint Consulting has found success and seen exponential growth year over year by leaning into its "people-first" mantra, a company culture that has set Bridgepoint apart from other firms as a leader in client retention and client referrals. 

The world of private equity can be an investor-eat-world nightmare without proper professionals overseeing your company's best interest. While many businesses may be considering buying or selling or pre- or post-IPO assistance, selecting a knowledgeable firm will absolutely make or break their experience with the process.

Manuel Azuara, Managing Principal for Bridgepoint Consulting, spoke of the solution: "Partnership with Bridgepoint is a shoulder-to-shoulder approach with our clients. We understand the intricacies involved in private equity transactions, we monitor the trends and know the regulations. Our proficiency allows our clients to relax, knowing they are in trusted hands, they can simply get back to the work they do best." 

Bridgepoint Consulting Private Equity National Director, Todd Throckmorton, credited Bridgepoint hiring practices, saying, "building long-term relationships with our clients is a source of pride for the experts that tenure here, so maintaining those relationships and meeting the needs of our clients is actually our specialty. Our enhanced focus on private equity services is no different, and we will help our clients through process improvement, margin enhancement and lend our expertise. We are able to do this because we understand the process of mergers and acquisitions and of buying companies and combining them to scale faster."

Bridgepoint Consulting, an Addison Group company, is a leading management consulting firm that helps organizations throughout their business lifecycle. Offering a broad range of finance, technology, and risk/compliance services, Bridgepoint supports clients from the startup phase all the way to IPO readiness and beyond. Since 1999, the firm has been helping executives and management teams reduce their business and operational risks, bridge resource gaps, and improve overall performance. Whether an organization needs interim expertise to improve infrastructure and processes, or strategic management of a major transition or transaction, Bridgepoint's team of leaders is able to provide the critical support needed to ensure success. 

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