BridgeBond Securities Will Offer Fully Secured Bonds of Up to 360 Million EUR to Be Available for Non EU-Citizen Investors

This will be the first time Non-EU citizens can invest with the Swiss company and enjoy the confidence and performance of BridgeBond securities.

BridgeBond Securities

​​BridgeBond Securities, the private financing and asset management company, has decided to launch a bond sale of up to 360M EUR starting in April 2020. BridgeBond Securities demonstrated in 2019 one of its best-performing yield years and exceeded any expectations in terms of revenue and profits.

BridgeBond Securities demonstrates consistent and rapid growth and maintains its reputation of reliability and trust. The big winners this year are BridgeBond investors who received an annual bonus of 2.8% on top of their nominated interest.    

According to data provided by the company, the bonds would be offered in two tranches and will offer private investors 4- and 8-years investment plans with a fixed income program.

The first tranche is for an amount of EUR 120 Million and has a maturity of four years with Monthly fixed income to the investors. This bond will be structured on short term secured financing activities and offered high liquidity.

The amount of the second tranche is 240M EUR and has a maturity period of 8 years.

BridgeBond Securities recently reported that its annual financial performance exceeded the expected results with net revenue of over 480M EUR in revenue since Jan 2019.

The Bonds offered by BridgeBond Securities will be available also to non-EU citizens as part of the global expansion and growth of the company.

As BridgeBond Securities is part of the investment and asset management company Brookfield EuroSwiss Holdings, its investors enjoy stable securities and the confidence of the Swiss giant. 

In 2020 BridgeBond is expecting a growth of over 20% thanks to the increasing volume of importing to the EU.

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Source: BridgeBond Securities

About BridgeBond Securities

BridgeBond-Securities is a non-banking financial institution that specializes in short-term bridge loans for a wide range of business and individual needs, by financing and investing in specific deals.