Bridge to the West Helps Student Attend Universities Abroad for Free

Today, Bridge to the West is launching in the United States and plans on giving U.S. students the opportunity to attend college in France, Germany or Austria for free. 

Bridge To The West, with collaboration of sister companies, DPPM Education and DPPM Immigration, will for a fee, provide service to American students to guarantee enrollment in the free education system in France, Germany or Austria.

High School graduates and current seniors can apply. Based on the main subject that the student is interested in studying, Bridge To The West will look at relevant credits taken in high school or community college and take transcripts to participating universities and will then provide students 5 to 10 universities that fit their course requirements.

Bridge To West guarantees acceptance to these universities with a 100% money back guarantee subject to completion and graduation from Bridge To The West, which works directly with the universities to fulfill the language prerequisites, which is the current barrier for students. 

Bridge To The West says most students will only need one semester to complete the course. 

When students are enrolled in Bridge To The West, the university admission and visa process are included with the service.

Bridge To The West gives students more than the opportunity to obtain a free education; they give students the opportunity to take in a new culture, learn a new language, as well as find new interests, career possibilities and life experiences. 

Bridge To The West  866-205-8077

For more information go to How it works


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