Bridge.Inc Launches a Solution to Let Software Companies Build and Run R&D Centers Abroad


Bridge.Inc, a technology company announces its entry into the global ITO market with a solution that allows entrepreneurs to establish dedicated facilities for software development abroad. With this offering, the company wants to help entrepreneurs tackle two problems: tech talent shortage and the complexity of remote operations management. 

By hiring talented software developers in remote locations, establishing a physical office there, and managing payroll, accounting, and legal, Bridge allows technology companies to achieve the speed and efficiency required to remain competitive. 

As part of their service offering, Bridge also provides a web-based BridgeTeams platform that allows its clients to manage remote operations through an easy-to-use interface. From scheduling interviews to planning an office expansion – everything can be done on the Bridge Teams platform with just a few clicks.

The global market for outsourced services is worth $92.5 billion — and is set to grow as more companies leverage external teams’ capabilities. With its differentiated solution, BridgeTeams has a strong competitive positioning against software outsourcing companies, the Bridge's main competitors. 

"We noticed that many companies would rather have their own team than outsource the work to third-party vendors," said Viktor Lopatkin, the Bridge's co-founder. "We saw the opportunity and decided to do it right."

At present, BridgeTeams helps set up remote software development offices in Ukraine, Mexico, and Argentina, but it's planning to expand to a wider list of countries as well in the following months. 

About Bridge.Inc

Bridge.Inc is an operational services provider for technology companies headquartered in San Francisco, Bay Area. It provides an operating system for global hiring and establishing software development offices abroad.

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Source: Bridge.Inc