Brianna Fiorentino's New Book 'One Day' is a Poignant Read That Provides Insights on How One Single Action Creates an Endless Ripple

Fulton Books author Brianna Fiorentino, a fresh graduate who currently works in property management, has completed her most recent book "One Day": a riveting fictional novel that shows how everyone is connected to everyone else. One simple action can affect others' lives, like a domino effect. Get to know the people of Falmouth, Maine, and witness how the events in a supposed-to-be-ordinary Wednesday changed their lives forever.

Fiorentino shares, "Seven regular-seeming people in the town of Falmouth, Maine, live out another Wednesday as their worlds are flipped upside down and decisions are made that will change lives forever, proving that the little things we do impact the outcomes of others in a drastic way.

•           Mary—A young, hardworking girl with a difficult past just trying to get by and move on from her childhood

•           Olivia—About to enter the adventure of a lifetime as a mistress of one of the richest men in town

•           Annie—The goody-two-shoes, sweetheart third-grade teacher of Falmouth Elementary who aspires to change young lives for the better but gets falsely accused and arrested

•           Katie—A vigilante on the hunt to avenge the mistakes made by a man very close to her

•           Oliver—A simple boy who wants nothing more than parents who love him but can't seem to catch a break

•           Sam—The grocery bag boy with eyes as blue as the sea, ready to grow up and learn from his past

•           David—A dad mourning the loss of his infant son who takes on the pressure of becoming a dad all over again"

Published by Fulton Books, Brianna Fiorentino's book is an intricate tale that reminds everyone of the essence of compassion and kindness. Every action a person shares with one another can lead to a reaction of events.

Everyone should be mindful of the influence they have on those around them. This volume is such a great example of that.

Readers who wish to experience this intriguing work can purchase "One Day" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books