Brian Dahlberg Raises Awareness to Depression in Tampa, Florida

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​​Brian Dahlberg is a successful entrepreneur who’s now devoted his life to making concerted efforts to combat depression and spread happiness in the lives of others in his hometown Tampa, Florida. Brian runs a number of free workshops and seminars amongst other activities to raise awareness about the different ways depression can manifest in the youth of today in Tampa, Clearwater, Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, and St. Pete. Having himself fallen victim to a short yet serious bout of depression towards the end of his college years, Brian recognized the impact a person’s mental health can have on every domain of their life. He says, “It’s a horrible and vicious cycle, and is hard to get out of if one is not willing to fight with their every breath. Most people don’t even realize they suffer, but it shows in their relationships, their careers, physical health, everything. A successful mind is absolutely crucial to success in any part of life.”

Brian envisions his project to make significant impact on the lives of the youth, especially teenagers, college students, and recent graduates around Tampa, Clearwater, Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, and St. Pete. He organizes fully booked, open to all events that not only are educational, but act as stressbusters. These are essential life skills to overcome the sources that lead to depression, happiness, and to a better life. Brian claims that it is these youth groups that are the most vulnerable to developing symptoms associated with clinical depression, but mostly because their world view makes even the tiniest of things seem like a matter of life and death. His events and programs manage to foster a sense of community too, owing to people coming in with open minds and leaving the stress at home. Brian recently hired an emerging local stand-up comedian for a gig at the University of Florida. Brian’s idea was simple: If you want to deliver a message convincingly, use humor. He says, “People don’t like their core system of beliefs to be challenged. Why would they? It gives them sense of the world and a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

“If you want to introduce a different perspective to a stranger, humor is the way to do it. In this case, I wanted to show to these young kids how counterintuitive social media is to a state of happiness. But you know that no 19-year-old will want to listen to a lecture, so you make it fun when introducing a new idea. Then, you can back it up by other more informative ways of spreading knowledge.” Jeffrey David Whippo, a sophomore at University of Florida says, “It’s good for us to have these things in the community, where the entire focus is all about letting go of whatever’s been clogging up our minds. We come in here with a mindset of having a great time, we do that, and then when we leave, we already feel more relaxed and are happier. It’s kinda cool that we got to see a local stand-up comic. And just for the record, I do agree with him, social media is making me very unsatisfied with my life.”

Brian has indeed managed to do wonders with his incredible networking skills in Tampa, Clearwater, Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, and St. Pete. For one of his recent events at Florida College, he partnered up with a local animal shelter. “Not only did we get to play with these cute little puppies and kittens, they also had them up for adoption once the event ended. Win-win situation for everyone.”

Studies have suggested that once students step out into the real world after graduation, the substantial difference between their perception of things and the hard reality leaves them unhappy. Brian has held events that focus on these age groups, by tying up with popular internet services like Meetup, and local yoga and meditation instructors. They offer free group sessions wherein a holistic and fulfilling way of living life is taught.

People often come out after these events with a refreshed perspective, much calmer, more aware, and naturally more content. These meditation gurus have helped me cope with that, and taught me how wrong it is for me to keep comparing myself to what others have gotten. I’ve learned to count my blessings more. It’s put me in a happier state of mind. I’m channeling all my energy in the right directions now!” says Walid Soliman.

Brian is determined to make this into a community-wide system, where everyone takes care of each other’s happiness. He strongly believes this will create a greater feeling of goodwill and brotherhood in the community, and everyone will be better off as a result. Brian hopes to make a difference in his hometown. It would be great if his success story could be replicated in other cities, especially those prone to high-stress levels due to their competitive academic/social regimen.

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