Brentley Maddox Global - Norwegian Group Offers Solution to Carbon Emissions Problem

Brentley Maddox Global - Proponents of Carbon Capture and Storage hope to convince climate conference to implement technology.

With the latest Emissions Gap Report published by the United Nations reporting that carbon emissions increased last year after holding steady for three years, signatories of the Paris Agreement will meet this week to discuss how to ramp up efforts to reduce carbon emissions in line with the goal of the agreement.

The Paris Agreement, signed in December 2015, is a UN initiative with the goal of combating the worst effects of climate on a global scale. It hoped to keep the global temperature increase below two percent for this century. In order to achieve this aim, carbon emissions will need to be reduced by 25 percent of the current levels by the year 2030.

Brentley Maddox Global analysts say last year saw an increase in carbon emissions of 1.1 percent and according to the UN’s Emission’s Gap Report, the world will need to act faster and more aggressively to curb emissions if it hopes to stave off the worst effects of climate change.

Analysts at Brentley Maddox Global say the meeting between countries who signed the Paris Agreement will take place on Sunday and will focus on how to enact the promises made to reduce the rising levels of carbon emissions and a Norwegian-led oil group is expected to put forward a novel solution to the problem, namely Carbon Capture and Storage. The costly technology offers the option of pumping excess carbon monoxide and storing it.

While some environmentalists are concerned that this solution will encourage the ongoing use of dangerous fossil fuels when long-term reduction of energy use is necessary to tackle the problem of global warming, Brentley Maddox Global analysts say supporters of CCS technology are hoping for the regulatory change that will enable its use on a large scale in the future.

Source: Brentley Maddox Global