Breezin' Entertainment & Productions Introduces Next-Level Entertainment

Renowned event entertainment agency Breezin' Entertainment & Productions has added next-level entertainers to the event list!

Event entertainment is crucial when striving to ensure that one’s audience remains captivated and intrigued for the duration of an entire evening. It can serve to make conventionally-boring events fun, such as corporate meetings, and can also bolster other types of gatherings, such as weddings, to make them unforgettable to everyone who attended.

Recently, Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions announced its new lineup of event entertainers to add to their ranks of on-call performers, and they were elated to find several acts that perfectly fit their criteria of unique, professional entertainment.

Breezin’ offered a large group of entertainers the chance to convey their skills and abilities. Out of the multitude of different applicants, five stood out from the rest.

An eight-piece jazz ensemble showcased their synergy through their rendition of famous jazz classics as well as their original compositions. The band was chosen for the ability to not only keep a steady, improvised rhythm throughout their set but also for their fluid interaction with the audience. Atmosphere is just as vital as the quality of the performance; the most technically correct band in the world may not be a great choice if they are sterile and robotic while performing and lack a strong stage presence.

Among the more conventional artists was a solo violinist who had clearly spent years honing his craft. Aside from conventional pieces like those you would hear in an orchestra solo, he also expertly serenaded the audience with covers of contemporary songs, all of which possess a distinctive richness that only a violin can capture.

Similar to the violinist, the acoustic guitarist had a wide arrange of pieces to play for his audience. His most notable attribute was his ability to set and manipulate a specific mood for the duration of his act, which is something absolutely integral that an experienced performer must have.

Not all of Breezin’s chosen entertainers were musicians, however; the team at Breezin’ was able to enjoy a captivating display of magic and illusion that left them genuinely curious as to how the act was performed. Incorporating unconventional entertainers has long been a strategy Breezin’ has employed, and acts like this make it worth the endeavor.

A speed painter rounds off the list selection of entertainers Breezin’ chose, joining the magician as another unconventional act. She was able to hold the audience’s attention through conversation while simultaneously creating a portrait of them with stunning accuracy.

Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions is well-known for its stellar customer service that continuously exceeds clients’ expectations. However, the event entertainment agency is always recognized for its access to many world-class performers, and owner Cindy Dervech is thrilled to add more talent to her already outstanding repertoire.

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