Breezin' Entertainment & Productions Celebrates the Launch of Breezin' Magazine, an Events Entertainment Publication

Breezin' commemorates the inaugural issue of Breezin' Magazine, a publication that highlights how event entertainment and Tampa's community intertwine.

In recent years, we have seen transformations in the entertainment space. Through the steady rise of new technology, entertainers are better able to self-promote, create a community of followers, and engage with fans all at the click of a button. The unlimited possibilities provided online not only impact the entertainers but also affect the industry overall. From venues to concert halls, booking agents, and event planners, the industry is constantly evolving and is proving to be a more exciting time than ever to be in the entertainment industry.

Breezin' Entertainment & Productions has launched a publication named Breezin' Magazine that explores the relationship between event entertainers and the community in Tampa Bay. Breezin' Magazine is a publication that provides unique insight into the culture of events entertainment. Its first issue elucidates upon various charities and nonprofit organizations within the city of Tampa, their impact on Tampa's citizens, and the foundations they strive to accomplish.

In addition, the magazine offers its readers a firsthand look at the selection process for entertainers, different types of eccentric entertainment that are not typically seen, and what goes on in preparation of a big event that attendees are often unaware of.

Particularly noteworthy stories in Breezin' Magazine focus on Ryan Nece and the Ryan Nece Foundation, Julie Weintraub and Hands Across the Bay, and Steve and Kalo Tuikolovatu.

The Ryan Nece Foundation is helmed by former Buccaneers player Ryan Nece and aims to empower teens with the confidence and knowledge to become leaders in their communities. With a broader objective, Julie Weintraub's Hands Across the Bay focuses on bettering the lives of as many Tampa residents as possible.

Steve Tuikolovatu is currently a defensive tackle for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He and his wife Kalo have gone through many trials and tribulations in their journey which has now led them to research and develop a nonprofit that focuses on the elderly and the debilitating effects of aging.

Breezin' Entertainment & Productions is an event entertainment agency that has been serving Tampa Bay for nearly 30 years. Their launch party included experienced musicians, mesmerizing dancers, and talented bartenders that ensured the momentum of the occasion was never lost. Hundreds of attendees gathered in order to celebrate Breezin' Magazine and the illumination it provided to key professionals and foundations in Tampa Bay.

The event also served as a networking opportunity for attendees, as many of the involved foundations’ members, key industry professionals, and celebrity moguls were present at the event.

To view the inaugural exclusive digital issue of Breezin’ Magazine visit

This is only the first publication of Breezin’ Magazine, and many more are planned to be released. Interested in being a part of the next edition? Tampa professionals with a story to tell are encouraged to submit to

Event entertainment is a powerful tool that can be used to bring people together, and Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions has no intention of slowing down. For more information about Breezin' Magazine or for press inquiries, please contact media relations liaison Dana Blickensderfer at or call 813-775-7107.

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