Breakthrough Test Detects Chronic Diseases in Pets Using Saliva

The test identifies a biomarker enzyme that leads to obesity, infections, tissue inflammation and even cancers

Hemopet, a nonprofit animal blood bank and greyhound adoption charity, has launched a breakthrough test for pets: CellBIO — a cellular oxidative stress test using saliva. The test identifies a biomarker enzyme that leads to obesity, infections, tissue inflammation and even cancers.

Nearly six years ago, Hemopet introduced NutriScan — the breakthrough saliva-based diagnostic test for food intolerance. NutriScan has widely been called the most important diagnostic test for animals introduced in years.

CellBIO builds on that novel technology.

Dr. W. Jean Dodds of Hemopet continues to provide the tools that anticipate problems with pets to then help avoid problems through early diet and supplement changes.

This technology has been proven in humans. After years of development, it is known that a saliva test in pets is equally reliable.

CellBIO kits are complimentary and reports will be emailed within five to seven days to pet owners and to their veterinarians if desired.

Orders are now accepted by emailing or call 714-891-2022, ext. 120. Additionally, CellBIO can be purchased online at

Media Contact:
Dr. W. Jean Dodds
​​Phone: (714) 891-2022

Source: Hemopet


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