Breakthrough Technology Enables Lawnmowers to Be Stored Upright

Masport is excited to introduce to the space-challenged, spring clean procrastinators, acute or borderline neat-freaks, in fact pretty much just ANYONE who fancies more room in their garage or shed, the impressive NEW space-saving Masport 490 Mow 'N' Stow™.

Breakthrough Mow ‘N’ Stow™ technology allows the mower to be stored vertically, reducing the storage footprint significantly. Briggs & Stratton’s® powerful new easy-start 725ex engine development has some very clever patented technology indeed.  A custom fuel tank has a ‘no spill’ carburettor, meaning no oil or fuel leaks when tipped back vertically, so not only brilliant for storage purposes but how good is this feature for cleaning underneath the mower – good thinking.

Masport love to work on improving lives, and this versatile 2 in 1 is without doubt a weapon of grass destruction. Choose either ‘Cut and Catch or Mulching’ with the special 4 blade disc cutting system.  Mulching not only saves time with emptying the catcher less, but the re-cut grass, which is turned into mulch, is fed back into the lawn and adds moisture and natural fertilisers for a greener healthier lawn.

Living up to the hype, as one of the most desirable machines on the market right now, this 490 model also includes Masport’s innovative Handle Lift System. A convenient foot pedal elevates the handle creating easier access to the catcher, meaning less moments of crouching and ducking in the middle of getting the lawns done.

To have the best looking lawns on the street, with this machine there are a whole lot of features for a super price.  The Masport 490 Mow ‘N’ Stow™ is available now exclusively at Bunning’s Warehouse, located Australia-wide.