Brazilian Butt Lift Trending Says Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dennis Dass

Celebrities and Influencers Are Driving Patient's Interest in the TruCurve Brazilian Butt Lift Technique, Says Dr. Dass

"Celebrities and pop culture are again driving the trend of creating curvier bodies with the Brazilian Butt Lift," says Dr. Dennis Dass, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. Dr. Dass developed the "TruCurve" Brazilian Butt Lift technique.

"TheTruCurve technique is designed to create natural-looking results," says Dr. Dass. "First I create the smallest waist I can to improve the hip to waist ratio. Then the fat is injected to add volume to the buttock and create more attractive contours. This waist-hip ratio is tailored to each patient's body type to create a look that is in proportion."

"TruCurve BBL is an advanced body contouring technique. I inject all the fat above, rather than below the muscle. I believe that most plastic surgeons will adopt this technique in injecting fat above the muscle, and this approach will become the standard of care."

A Solution For Hip Dips

"Women often desire correction of so-called 'hip dips', also known as 'hip divots,'" says Dr. Dass. "The hip dip is a normal contour depression of the hips, located between the love-handles and the outer thighs. It's normal for this area to be flat because there is essentially no muscle located here. That's why exercise cannot improve the depression that causes the indented appearance."

Dr. Dass says that Hip dips can be exaggerated by weight gain because fat along the flanks (love handles) makes the flanks protrude more than the hip. "Performing liposuction of the regions above and below the depression and the outer thighs can improve the contours because the depression will appear less noticeable. Fat transfer to this area can improve overall contours and drastically improve the hip dip".

"We are now providing online evaluations exclusively," says Dr. Dass.

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