Bravo TV's Friends to Lovers Cover Blogger Najaam Lee Launches a New Art Series

Najaam Lee focuses her second art series called PAIN, an invisible-visual experience that dives deep down the rabbit hole of pain & beauty within her body.

Najaam Lee focuses her second art series on an issue that is dear to her heart, called PAIN. An invisible- visual art seduction, abstract exploration of beautiful body parts sharing space with violent foreigners causing internal chronic pain. The body hurts, it cries, it screams, it suffers silently, alone and in agony. Travel this Summer & Fall down the rabbit hole of pain. Najaam will be presenting 7 oil paintings at various galleries and events in Boston & New York. In addition to her paintings, Ms. Lee will do Live Performance Art- piece at selective locations. Sign up to learn more about Najaam Lee and see her PAIN series in person at

  • For private showings, interviews, and more, contact PR-Marina Vorobyev of SpectorCom, marina @ spectorcom . com  / 732-585-3156
  • Visit main website www. NajaamLeeArt .com

About Artist

I may live with Pain, but it has sharpened and strengthened me mentally and emotionally to withstand both the downfalls and uplifting moments in life.

Najaam Lee, Artist, CEO of NL ART

Najaam Lee, also known as the rising phoenix in the art world today, is the CEO, and Artist at NL ART. Toronto born, Najaam Lee has been creating art since the age of 5. Being an advocate for the Sickle Cell community, she heads two grass roots movement  called Speak On Sickle Cell, and Paint SC Pain Away, to educate the public about the disease. She is working to teach people how to battle pain associated with the disease by using art. Najaam attended both FIT and FIDM and graduated with her BA in fashion design and art illustration. In 2014, she showcased her first 9-piece series called GALAN, at ALLURE, a RAW Artists Group event, held at the Cutting Room in NYC. Ms.Lee currently resides in Boston, MA.

About NL ART

NL ART & HEALING, established 2014, a creative company bringing art and healing through various forms of service such as visual art, lifestyle coaching, makeup, image consulting, Ayurveda and eastern healing methodologies.


Westwood, MA

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