Brand KC Prioritizes High-Quality Customer Service

At Brand KC, superior customer service is considered an essential element of business success. The firm's president noted that the team is thoroughly trained to maintain a customer-first mind-set.

“The brands we serve work directly with consumers, and it’s our job at Brand KC to keep them connected and happy,” stated Benjamin A., the company president. “We create the dynamic campaigns that attract buyer attention. They enable us to build rapport with the public, and educate people about the business offerings we promote. We make these experiences memorable, which ensures that customers keep coming back for more. Not only do they remain loyal, but they refer their friends and family to these brands as well.”

To ensure that top-notch customer care continues to be a priority for the Brand KC associates, Benjamin and his fellow leaders have been careful to weave it into the company’s cultural framework. “By making service one of our core values and part of our mission, it’s as if we have a built-in guide,” he stated. “It’s a consideration with every decision we make and every promotion we produce.”

"As we develop at Brand KC, we often look to influential leaders to learn how they approach customer care,"

Benjamin , President

Brand KCs Leader Shares Example of a Customer-First Mentality

“As we develop at Brand KC, we often look to influential leaders to learn how they approach customer care,” Benjamin continued. “We’ve recently embraced the example set by Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl. Looking to a musician may seem a bit unconventional because his industry is so different from ours, but the bottom line is that he knows how to please people.”

Benjamin pointed out that nothing in business goes smoothly all the time. The response to obstacles and challenges is indicative of the likelihood of success. The company president described an incident in which Grohl was performing, and he attempted to jump onto a ramp. Unfortunately, he missed and ended up with a broken leg. The singer was immediately swept off-stage for medical attention.

“When Grohl was being treated, the rest of the band was incredibly apologetic,” Benjamin indicated. “They offered to play a few songs, and promised the audience they would return soon and play an amazing show. They were sure they were done for the night.”

“Then, Grohl came rolling back onstage on a stretcher!” the president exclaimed. “He was wearing a cast and accompanied by paramedics. He sat up, reached for his guitar and started singing! He didn’t let his fans down, but that’s not actually the important thing to keep in mind here. He made up for an unexpected incident by doing something memorable. That’s the right way to approach customer service – by being unforgettable.”

About BrandKC

BrandKC is a promotional advertising firm that consistently nets strong profits for its increasing list of well-known clients. The company utilizes a relational approach instead of classic techniques in advertising such as billboard ads and direct mailers. BrandKC is so adept at this form of promotional marketing due to the success of its training program. With a group of driven and ambitious managers at the helm, BrandKC is poised for even more success in the near future.