Brainy Helmets Launches Major Initiative in Protective Headgear Development

​Brainy Helmets Industries’ expertise in combining the latest research on head trauma in contact and adventure sports with cutting edge materials science, is expected to propel it to the forefront of next generation protective gear development, as the Bay Area company prepares to launch its first products and a wide array of research partnerships.

Chief-engineer VR Martin’s extensive background in materials development for military and commercial uses, combined with avid participation in action sports including skydiving, rock climbing and snowboarding, led him on a personal quest to tinker with his own protective headgear, and now will allow Brainy Helmets Industries to launch high-end products for contact sports including football and hockey. In addition to products that will come to market in the near future, Martin and co-founders seek partnerships that will allow it to work collaboratively with engineers and academic laboratories to apply its proprietary materials capabilities to specialized headgear products for widely specialized purposes.

The team’s background brings broad experience in industrial product development that will allow Brainy Helmets Industries to rapidly bring products to market, and he has teamed with experienced entrepreneurs and financiers to move quickly into production. The company plans to launch a crowd-funding effort on Kickstarter, but also will form equity partnerships with diverse developers to turn Brainy Helmets into a “hub” of research on brain injury prevention and helmet design.

“We have materials to come to market now, but in products primarily affordable only to the National Football League and National Hockey League - and we are reaching out to them – but we are looking to create research contracts to work collaboratively with as many developers as we can.” Martin said. “I have worked on impact protection systems for the military, and technology exists for superior design in both shell materials and interior helmet design.”

Traditionally, the best protective devices for severe impacts are only designed to absorb the impact of a single traumatic event, but Martin said products for contact sports such as football and hockey have focused more on durability, and capabilities for absorbing multiple collisions, than on safety.

Brainy Helmets Industries is squarely focused on developing specialized products aimed at particular types of impact in particular activities, and working with designers on products with life cycles specifically geared to their use. Working collaboratively with partners, the company’s goal is to produce a body of research to develop multiple specialized products, while bringing costs down for all users.

For information about investment opportunities with Brainy Helmets Industries, and on forging development partnerships with the company, contact them at or 415-766-2266.

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