Brainify.AI and Clerkenwell Health Announce Strategic Partnership to Propel Precision Psychiatry Forward


Brainify.AI, a trailblazer in artificial intelligence EEG biomarkers, and Clerkenwell Health, a modern mental health research company specializing in matching patients with cutting-edge psychiatry treatments, today unveiled a partnership poised to revolutionize the psychiatric clinical trial landscape. This trans-Atlantic partnership marks a significant step toward the implementation of precision psychiatry, anchoring treatment in biological data to improve patient outcomes.

Clerkenwell Health will now be granted access to Brainify.AI’s platform, allowing the company to incorporate the latter’s groundbreaking technology into their clinical trials and deliver data-driven precision in mental healthcare. Brainify.AI will also seek to leverage its biomarker platform to boost the success rates of Clerkenwell Health’s clinical trials.

The lack of precision in mental health clinical trials resulted in many Phase II/III trial failures and hampered drug development efforts over recent decades. The partnership will therefore facilitate more drug developers to run clinical trials with the improved efficiency that this partnership will deliver, incentivising greater investment in the U.S. and U.K.’s clinical trial ecosystems.

The easier development of companion diagnostics is another benefit of today’s partnership announcement. Companion diagnostics shared between both companies could enhance therapeutic effectiveness and potentially increase pharmaceutical revenue through improved drug efficacy.

Ivan Mishanin, COO of Brainify.AI, continued: "Joining forces with Clerkenwell Health marks a significant stride in our mission to reduce R&D costs while enhancing drug approval likelihood. Our synergistic efforts will pioneer a more precise, data-driven era in mental health treatment."

Tom McDonald, CEO of Clerkenwell Health, added: "Our collaboration with Brainify.AI represents a transformative step for our depression trials. Their platform's predictive capabilities give us a sharper tool to cut through the complexities of psychiatric disorders, ensuring better outcomes for our clients."

Clerkenwell Health’s hybrid research and treatment model provides access to treatments still in R&D through clinical trials or approved treatments through their network of clinics. This existing approach, combined with Brainify.AI’s pioneering precision psychiatry technology, will bring additional value to Clerkenwell Health’s best-in-class trial design and delivery.

About Brainify.AI

Brainify.AI is at the forefront of advancing precision psychiatry via its state-of-the-art AI biomarker platform. The company’s groundbreaking technologies are reshaping the psychiatric landscape, fostering the link between clinical trials and efficacious treatments. This paves the way for an age of data-driven precision in mental health care. Brainify.AI's prestigious roster of investors includes a top 10 Pharma company, a large CRO, and various venture capital firms.

About Clerkenwell Health

Clerkenwell Health is a modern mental health company building the clinical research expertise and infrastructure needed for a new wave of mental health and neurological treatments, including psychedelic medicines. Clerkenwell Health’s vision is to fundamentally change the face of mental healthcare through its network of hybrid research and care clinics, CRO services and therapist training programme. Backed by leading mental health and technology investors, Clerkenwell Health is already recruiting for clinical trials 3x faster than its competitors and has a 600+ therapist waiting list.

Source: Brainify.AI