BrainGu Wins $15 Million US Air Force Contract

AFWERX STRATFI award highlights sustainable common software environment made possible by Structsure, BrainGu's DevSecOps Platform.

Air Force Jet and BrainGu Logo

BrainGu, a software development company focused on empowering innovation and rapid software prototyping for customers in highly regulated industries, announced today that it has been awarded a $15 million contract by the US Air Force's Strategic Funding Increase (STRATFI) program. The $15 million contract was awarded through AFWERX, the Air Force's innovation hub, as part of USAF efforts to accelerate the development of mission-critical technology with the assistance of highly innovative companies like BrainGu. 

"The STRATFI contract awarded to BrainGu signals the Air Force's commitment to invest in the future of BrainGu and our Structsure products. Together we will further the mission of empowering operators to get directly involved in the development of software tools that benefit them and support their mission," said Tim Gast, VP BrainGu Labs. "The demand for integrated software solutions that enable or enhance Air Force operational and business systems has never been greater. At BrainGu, we are committed to supporting our warfighters with our DevSecOps platform, Structsure. With Structsure, we are creating a sustainable common environment that enables operator-driven mission application development from concept to combat."

AF Ventures opportunities have given BrainGu an on-ramp to bring software and unique capabilities to the DoD and engage with stakeholders across the DoD to optimize the DevSecOps Platform to support the DoD operational environment. STRATFI funding will accelerate BrainGu's custom platform development efforts in support of the US Air Force's strategic mission, as well as other key mission partners across the US Department of Defense - including the US Navy and Army. With Structsure, BrainGu continues to bring modern, DevSecOps approaches to support high-quality software delivery to military and intelligence missions.

Who Is BrainGu?

BrainGu is a small business delivering DevSecOps platforms that enable our customers to provide rapid, adaptable, and secure application delivery through cloud-native automation. Our Structsure platform enables our customers to focus on their core business competencies by starting them out on day one with all the tools they need to get the job done. No more guesswork about what infrastructure, toolkits, or best practices to select - our platform works across a range of environments, both in the public and private sectors, with proven tools and automation that work. We support secure software throughout the lifecycle so our customers know their applications and data are protected. Our application acceleration suite gives our customers easy-to-use components they can leverage to build faster, telemetry to get insight into app and user behavior, and the ability to get their code into production in minutes.

Source: BrainGu