BraineHealth Launches Diagnosio - a Building Block for a True Virtual Doctor

BraineHealth launches Diagnosio - a virtual doctor that proposes diagnoses based on your medical symptoms.

Is it possible to diagnose yourself?

The Swedish company BraineHealth that is developing automation tools for healthcare using AI methods has launched Diagnosio.

Diagnosio is a virtual doctor that proposes diagnoses from patient data such as age, gender and patient symptoms.

The virtual doctor app Diagnosio can be used by patients to their own discretion but is also preferably used together with a family doctor.

We are happy to release our global service Diagnosio to support and educate patients and doctors about patient symptoms and potential diagnoses. This is a building block for a universal virtual doctor. At the moment we are developing dedicated variations for different language markets and demographics which will soon be released.

Roger Svensson


Diagnosio is a virtual doctor that proposes diagnoses based on the patient's vital medical information such as their symptoms, age, and gender. The app Diagnosio proposes a structured top 10 list of potential diagnoses and then suggests additional information provided by trusted medical knowledge sources. 

The proposed diagnoses are made by a relevant match between patient data and potential diagnoses based on deep learning from thousands of diagnoses and millions of previous symptom queries using artificial intelligence.

When needed, Diagnosio will alert the user to seek immediate medical advice for some of the proposed diagnoses.

For each and every proposed diagnosis, Diagnosio will provide the user with links to trusted medical knowledge sources such as Merck Consumer database, Medline Plus, Mayo Clinic, WebMD, and popular search engines.

Anyone can sign up for a free trial account, without having to add any payment information. Diagnosio also offers a wide array of Subscriptions tiers, modified for different family structures. By using Diagnosio, you agree to the Terms and Services.

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