Brain-O-Magic Annual Day - Competition and Graduation Day Wows Bay Area Parents

Brain-O-Magic - Graduate Class of 2018

On March 18, 2018, Brain-O-Magic hosted its fourth Annual Day, a mental arithmetic competition and graduation ceremony in Fremont, California. 

Approximately 300 students participated in the event, rising to the challenge to answer complex math problems with ease and mental dexterity, rivaling that of any child prodigy. Attendees could see little hands and tiny fingers working their magic while answering 200 questions in 15 minutes or less. Despite challenging questions, the children forged ahead relentlessly. The event included proud parents, teachers and an array of blue caps and gowns, as it was also a graduation ceremony for Brain-O-Magic students who have completed 10 levels of the program.

"I am passionate about this program. We are looking to expand. We want to offer this program to as many children as possible and we are looking to hire more teachers. In this day and age where STEM education is becoming critical, Brain-O-Magic provides the necessary foundation to kids at a young age to bring out their full potential,” said Puja Kasliwal, director of Brain-O-Magic. “Brain-O-Magic is a phenomenal program that has made a lasting impact on kids, giving children focus, confidence and discipline. I am proud to see what our kids can do.” 

The competition itself had multiple questions, tested students from all Brain-O-Magic locations and had a series of rules the children had to follow. Nonetheless, the students were enthusiastic participants, even challenging parents on stage, and they are looking forward to completing all 10 levels.

About Brain-O-Magic

Brain-O-Magic is an educational program designed to build confidence and improve overall student proficiency in math and other areas. In 2011, it was founded in Fremont, California, by Puja Kasliwal, a Silicon Valley-based IT executive who was interested in education. Today, Brain-O-Magic is one of the most innovative and growing math education providers for children ranging in age from 5-13. The program improves left- and right-side brain coordination while teaching students to listen, retain, visualize, focus, process numbers and answer complex equations in a fun and engaging environment. Brain-O-Magic serves more than 500 students in five locations including Fremont, Newark, Pleasanton, San Ramon and West San Jose/Cupertino (border). The program teaches children how to calculate complex math questions like adding 20, 40, even 100 numbers at high speeds. After going through this program, children can calculate questions like 627x422 and the square root of 7225 in seconds with ease, mastery, confidence and without a calculator. Brain-O-Magic students not only do amazing work but exceed expectations. Best of all, a child’s current math ability has proven to be irrelevant since all children in the program have shown drastic improvement. This program is not only for exceptional kids, but it can make any child extraordinary. Join us on and see us on For more information about enrollment or franchising opportunities, visit or call 510.MY.BRAIN (510.692.7246).

Source: Brain-O-Magic

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