Boxing Agenda Has Launched to Help You Find Boxing Videos is a website for boxing fans and boxing novices alike.

Boxing Agenda has all the boxing videos you need in one spot for your convenience. has to be set up purely for boxing fans, and boxing virgin fans. You will find all the boxing footage of the past and present. If you're look for those old boxing videos senior boxing fas talk about, you can find them here.

"Are you look for boxing video archives in one place?" This a problem for most people, it's funny that there really isn't one place to get boxing footage. You can find boxing statistics everywhere, but no videos? With all the boxers to choose from boxing agenda gives you the best place to start, says Ikedi, one half of the IU Brothers, (webmasters & Boxing fanatics)

BoxingAgenda is a website aimed at getting you boxing news, but more importantly boxing footage of the past and future. It will help those that have discovered boxing and those that are already big boxing fans. The website will cut out the guess work and give you the boxing names that you should be looking at today and of the past, names such as Gennady, Floyd, Stevens and of course the greats like Ali, and Holmes.

"The thing that stops people from following boxing is their lack of guidance, in-terms of boxers to look out for. The reason for this is that boxing fans are not normally forthcoming with the wealth of information they have in their heads. So the big name name fighters, their thoughts and news about their journeys are all available at says Ikedi.

"It's great to have a place that you can begin to learn about boxing today and what it was like in the past. You will no longer have to hear the cliched folk lore about how good the boxers were in the past, you can compare them your self", say Ikedi.

The information you can access for free on, is easy for you to use. It is great for finding boxing archives, boxing video footage, big boxing names.

The main goal of the website is make beginner boxing fans pros in minutes. It is also a good reference point for those that know boxing. For a one stop shop for boxing footage you have a resource here.
A brief Summary of is a website for boxing fans and boxing novices alike.

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