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BoxiePro® Deep Clean Cat Litter has won the 2018 Pet Business Industry Recognition Award. BoxiePro is the first kitty litter to eliminate 100 percent of the bacteria in the litter box. This award highlights innovative and effective new products from this year. 

BoxiePro was released in March 2018 and has created a new revolution in litter by helping cat parents maintain a cleaner and more germ-free home outside the litter box. BoxiePro clumping cat litter transforms the litter box and home by using a special blend of natural deep-cleaning probiotics to eliminate all bacteria in the box so cats do not track germs throughout the home. BoxiePro’s revolutionary natural technology keeps cats and homes healthier. 

“It has been an exciting year launching BoxiePro and creating a whole new area of the cat litter market focused on cleanliness outside of the litter box. Our concept has really resonated and met the needs of consumers focused on home, family and health. It’s exciting to be the first company in this space and we are thrilled to receive this award from Pet Business,” shares Josh Wiesenfeld, Boxiecat’s founder and CEO. 

About Boxiecat LLC:

Boxiecat LLC was formed in 2009 with the launch of its groundbreaking scent-free litter. In 2012, Boxiecat litter was awarded the Cat Fancy’s Editor’s Choice award. Boxiecat’s innovative litter line uses its award-winning litter as the foundation for all of its litter products and features Flat Top™ clumping, ultra-low dust, natural probiotic odor control and tracking resistance. Boxiecat’s philosophy is to provide natural, long-lasting and effective litter that tackles the big issues most people have with litter care. Their litter line includes scent-free, scented, extra-strength and the new Deep Clean formulas. The company also offers a line of Boxiecat and Boxiedog probiotic-powered Stain and Odor formulas. BoxiePro is distributed in the United States by Pet Food Experts, Newco Distributors, Southeast Pet, Frontier Distributing and  Supreme Pet Supplies, and in Canada by Kane Pet Supplies. BoxiePro cat litter is available for purchase online and in pet specialty retail.

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