bowmo Declares All Applicant Tracking Systems Need Accompaniment and Makes Changes Impacting Sales Management-- Helping Close the Gender Diversity Gap

bowmo Declares All Applicant Tracking Systems Need Accompaniment and Participates in the Women in Sales Campaign Appearing in USA Today

At the HR Technology company, bowmo, Inc., the supplier of SaaS by Recruiters for Recruiters, people, sales and product functionality are always top of mind. As a burgeoning supplier to the enterprise space and agency space, the company began revising its Sales team a few months ago to have employees that better understand the terrain of their clients. While its Co-Founder, Eddie Aizman spent over 19 years in the recruiting agency space, the company’s Director of Sales and Business Development, Jocelyn R. Taylor spent her entire career in enterprise sales from business to media to luxury lifestyle advertising services. Sales and service performance and gender diversity are integral to introducing bowmo to the market. 

“Acknowledging definitive differences and even training needs between men and women in sales approach and results is an area of both strategic business development and corporate conscience for bowmo. We embrace all aspects of the Human Capital ecosystem in serving the recruiting category. As a technology company, we understand women are outnumbered in our industry, so we are invested in closing the gender gap in sales and marketing as much as in the other categories of expertise here. Participation in the #WomenInSales campaigns gives us voice on the issues and opportunities over print and digital,“ says Adrienne A. Wallace, the company’s Executive Vice President of Marketing and Brand Engagement.

bowmo is all about people at the core, from the life-changing features of the software to evolving the functionality and efficiencies of Human Capital’s recruiting category. The company seeks customers and partners who want to make an immediate change in the level of efficiency and significantly shorten the time to fill by finding the right best-matched candidates. It is what they did in revising their sales team and found a woman to be the best match to take it on. In 2016, 58 percent of businesses reported “hiring or trying to hire“ and 52 percent reported scarcity or lack of qualified applicants for their opened positions (source NFIB), but there is not a discussion on how many of those are using just applicant tracking systems and subject to recruiter bias in selecting candidates. bowmo declares that the ATS is not enough and needs accompaniment by their technology.

Just in time for the July 1 fiscal year start practiced by many enterprise customers, bowmo joined with Mediaplanet for a digital and mobile ad campaign and also appears in an independent supplement of the June 30, 2017 print edition of USA Today featuring Women in Sales. It is available at newsstands in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, South Florida, and Houston and is also published online. The campaign reflects on the gender gap in sales, the statistics of women’s performance in the category and Industry, to celebrating bowmo’s sales leadership of SaaS to the recruiting industry by women.

bowmo stands united with like-minded industry leaders to raise awareness among business professionals about the benefits of the inclusion of women in sales, and the campaign effort of educating in the common issues facing women in sales. For the full campaign, visit

“The reason bowmo is so important is that we practice gender diversity here not only with our ERG bowmobold, says Jocelyn  R. Taylor ( who appears on page 7 of the June 30 print supplement), ‘but we are showing you with me selling our technology. bowmo SaaS does not find candidates on the basis of keyword search, the bias of names and gender, to fill jobs. The skills are what we match. The matching algorithm is the difference and gender diversity is the result. Women are often rising to the top as the best-matched candidates if they are in fact in your ATS. I always hope that more and more women are matched in the sales category. Our intuitive nature as women plays a role in how we successfully sell and close deals.“

Those interested in learning more about bowmo’s drive for women in sales leadership and with inquiries about bowmo’s SaaS and rapid data technology can contact bowmo directly at

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bowmo, Inc. provides an intelligent software solution for the staffing and recruiting industry that seamlessly integrates into existing ATS — applicant tracking systems. The company helps to revive the recruiter’s human touch and evolve the candidate sourcing process. bowmo, Inc. embraces the challenges of the recruiter by providing the means to quicker, more efficient and conversant candidate sourcing. Time spent searching and time to hire drops dramatically, freeing the recruiter up to engage more clients and business partners in growing their businesses with the very best matched candidates.

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bowmo, Inc. is a technology startup providing an intelligent app solution for the staffing and recruiting industry that seamlessly integrates into existing applicant tracking systems.