Boutique North Carolina Digital Agency Helps Master Furniture Maker Reach a Wider Audience


CH Web Agency, a small North Carolina-based web design agency, founded during the peak of the COVID-19 crisis, revamps the digital presence for William Neville of CaseworksArt, a premier furniture maker based in Chapel Hill.

William Neville has been making exquisite furniture and wood turnings for four decades. He turned to the agency because it understood that the pandemic required even small family firms to reach well beyond its own neighborhood. The team's multifaceted and coordinated approach to bringing the presence of CaseworksArt online has allowed the company to exhibit its elegant carpentry work as well as its intimate process of bringing customers' visions to life.

William Neville belongs to a North Carolina tradition of fine furniture makers. Doors and chairs made by Thomas Day, master craftsman and freeman of color, was the most famous ante-bellum craftsman in the state. His chairs, doors, and other pieces continue to grow in value. 

Mr. Neville also makes unique pieces by hand, one at a time, which increases in value. The samples of furniture on the website are as graceful as they are sturdy, and as artistic as they are useful. They turn a customer's room into a living museum, in which the furniture is meant to be admired as well as lived with. His pieces are practical but lift the spirit. 

Mr. Neville's work can be seen at a new exhibit through the Arts and Health at Duke, located in the Main Concourse at Duke Medical Center from May 5th to June 29th.

CH Web Agency understands the talent and drive behind such an accomplished craftsman and is perfectly poised to help market a local, small family business. The Chapel Hill-based team often works remotely with clients in a world transformed by the novel coronavirus, designing beautiful new sites for clients in California, New York, and throughout the U.S. 

Oxana Nuckolls, the company's founder, says, "a human-centered design approach allows the agency to deliver better results for both our clients and in turn their end-users." From discovery research to developing responsive pages, CH Web Agency planned out each stage of the web design process so that the launch of was findable and usable on any device. 

The team says their focus is helping companies get back to business when operating today is anything but typical. The two co-owners of the agency have unique backgrounds that pair perfectly for this venture. Joe Davis, an expert in human-computer interaction, advocates for a people-first approach to web development. Oxana Nuckolls, no stranger to business management and an expert in front-end technologies, began forming the company in 2019; she brought Joe on board in 2020 with the launch of CH Web Agency.

Source: CH Web Agency


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