BOTSMAX Announced the Male and Female Winners of the 50th BOTS Quiz Contest

The contest that were fought rigorously finally found its lucky winners

After 4 weeks of vigorous contest, with 5018 entries, BOTS winners are out. The 50th BOTS quiz contest male winner is Mr. Mohd Afidil Bin Samin and the female winner is Ms. Noorashikin Zainol Abidin.

They will bring home a RM100 HOTLINK reload card each. Congratulations to Mr. Mohd Afidil Bin Samin and Ms. Noorashikin Br. Zainol Abidin!

The 50th BOTSMAX Quiz Contest is only open for registered and paying members. In order to be eligible for winning this contest, participants must play the BOTS Quiz Contest and the scoring is based on accuracy of the answer and as well the speed to complete the quiz. Participants are allowed to answer multiple times and all their scores will be added to the total score at the end of the contest to determine who is the winner. Participants that achieve the highest score by the end of the contest period will be declared as the winner. In case there is a tie, the candidate who achieve the highest score first will be declared as the winner.


BOTSMAX is a social networking community that enables the community to socialize via chatting, sharing of moments and photos, participating in quizzes and contests, etc. It has more than 4.5 million registered users.

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