Botannis Labs, Inc. Receives Cannabinoids and Terpenes Testing Permit From NYS Office of Cannabis Management

The permit allows the testing of cannabinoids and terpenes in addition to filth/foreign materials, metals, moisture content, and mycotoxins

Botannis Labs, Inc., a leading provider of analytical testing services for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries, is pleased to announce that the Hauppauge, Long Island-based testing laboratory received approval for testing of cannabinoids and terpenes last month from the New York State Office of Cannabis Management (OCM). As only one of 15 permitted testing laboratories in New York State and the only laboratory in Suffolk County, Botannis is permitted to test for cannabinoids and terpenes including delta-10 THC, filth/foreign material, heavy metals, moisture content, mycotoxins/aflatoxins.  

Terpenes are a class of natural compounds consisting of unsaturated hydrocarbons that are found in the essential oils of plants. They determine the smell of many plants and herbs and are found abundantly in the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids are compounds that are also found in the cannabis plant. Terpenes, along with cannabinoids like THC and CBD, may contribute to the entourage effect — a synergy derived from the natural combination of these compounds.  

With this updated permit from the OCM, Botannis can now test cannabis products for potency as levels may change from plant to plant based on various factors such as climate, soil type, and age of the crop. Botannis can test for and determine exact potency levels in finished cannabis products for consumer safety and quality assurance.  

"We're very happy to add onto our cannabis testing capabilities," said Matt Wolf, CEO of Botannis Labs, Inc. "Our permit from the OCM allows us to carry out cannabis potency testing to measure the cannabinoids present and the strength of these compounds. Cannabis product consumers deserve to know what is in the products they are purchasing, and cannabis manufacturers deserve to have reliable testing laboratories that can assess potency levels." 

"With terpenes added to our cannabis testing permit, Botannis can analyze terpenes in medical and adult use cannabis," said Jeff Reingold, COO of Botannis Labs, Inc. "Terpene analysis allows us to provide a more comprehensive scope of product testing for manufacturers and consumers that trust us to tell them exactly what is in the product that they are selling and consuming." 

Learn more about testing protocols and standards and find the full list of permitted laboratories on the NY OCM's website

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Source: Botannis Labs, Inc.

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Botannis is a NY State-Licensed, ISO-Certified cGMP product testing lab that provides a comprehensive scope of harmonized GMP testing services and regulatory consulting.


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