Boston Sexual Harassment Lawyer Gives Tips on What to Do if Harassed at a Company Party

Attorney John Davis of Davis & Davis, P.C. uses his experience to help people who have been sexually assaulted.

Sexual harassment has been in the news recently. Companies like Uber, Vox Media, and Fox News have been rocked by allegations. Some companies are choosing to scale back their holiday parties, while others are trying to create a more open environment so that people feel confident coming forward.

Unfortunately, sexual harassment will continue to happen in the workplace.  In fact, Attorney John Davis, of Davis & Davis, P.C., states, “I’ve noticed a disturbing upward trend in workplace sexual harassment cases.  I have significantly more sexual harassment cases now than a decade ago.” 

"HR does not always have the best interests of the employee as their top priority, and in some cases, HR's top priority is to help management with damage control."

John Davis, Attorney

According to Attorney Davis, “Corporate America has a responsibility to create the right culture and environment, which includes providing training, providing an employee handbook that educates employees on the different avenues when faced with sexual harassment, and encouraging management to have open door policies.” 

However, Attorney Davis cautions employees from automatically assuming that their best course of action is to contact human resources.  This is prudent advice is some situations.   According to Attorney Davis, “HR does not always have the best interests of the employee as their top priority, and in some cases, HR’s top priority is to help management with damage control.”

Attorney Davis also advises employees to consider keeping a detailed, chronological journal or log. This should not be done using the company’s computer.  In fact, this should be performed at home so that the employee does not lose this evidence in the event of an unexpected termination. Employees are also suggested to seek legal counsel before attempting to communicate with any witnesses.

Attorney Davis believes that more sexual harassment cases will be brought forward.  He said the Harvey Weinstein case is a good example of the ‘domino effect’.  More victims, mostly but not always women, feel empowered by coming forward.

Davis & Davis, P.C. has offices in Boston and North Reading. They work in family law and employment law.  John Davis started working in employment in the late 1990’s and he and his staff help people with either employment law or family law issues.

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Source: Davis & Davis, P.C.

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