Boston Red Sox All-Star Kevin Youkilis Featured on Steve Gorman Sports Podcast

An In-Depth Discussion With 'Youk' Covers Ups and Downs of Early Success, Life on the Road For Professional Athlete And More

Kevin Youkilis, All-Star infielder for the Boston Red Sox, recently made an extended appearance on the Steve Gorman Sports podcast, discussing the Red Sox' off-season pick-ups, his perspective on the major issues facing baseball, his charity work and life as a professional baseball player. Steve Gorman, best known as the drummer in the American rock 'n' roll band The Black Crowes, talked with Youkilis at length, who shared, among other things, his love of live music and traveling cross-country in his RV. The podcast is available for free streaming or downloading at or through the iTunes podcast store.

"Kevin and I met at a recent Black Crowes show in Boston, and we hit if off immediately. Like many athletes, Kevin loves music and like many musicians, I've always loved sports. As soon as we started talking I knew he'd be a great guest for my podcast," says Steve Gorman, namesake host of the podcast. "I'm glad we made it happen. 'Youk' is a super guy who tells great stories and has, of course, a brilliant perspective on baseball."

Steve Gorman Sports podcast covers the compelling intersection where entertainment and sports worlds collide. Covering major sports and pop culture issues of the day, the podcast has grown in popularity with each episode, shown by increased downloads. Steve Gorman Sports features an eclectic mix of guests that include Youkilis, comedians Bill Burr, Jeff Cesario and Kevin McDonald, who each share a unique and humorous perspective. "In truth, lots of rock stars wish they were sports stars and, conversely, some sports stars wish they were rock stars," says Gorman. "And, comedians, well, they're just funny, and would rather be either."

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