Boston Limited Unveil The 'Ultimate Workstation For Professionals' And The World's First Liquid Blade Server At Data Centre World 2011

Boston Limited unveil the 'ultimate workstation for professionals' and the world's first liquid blade server at Data Centre World 2011

Boston Limited, now in their 20th year as system integrators and distributors of high end computer appliances, are proud to be showcasing Hardcore Computer's high performance Detonator™ workstation and Liquid Blade at this year's Data Centre World. Please visit Stand E35 for more information.

In keeping with their tradition of producing first-to-market, groundbreaking technologies, Boston Limited recently affirmed their commitment to top of the range hardware by announcing a manufacturing deal with Hardcore Computer's that will see the company's machines built for the first time in the UK. As a specialist in large scale, high profile, OEM build and manufacture, Boston will locally handle the manufacturing and distribution of Hardcore branded solutions for the UK and Europe.

The Hardcore Detonator™ has been designed to be the highest performing, most reliable workstation for professionals demanding maximum speed, power and versatility. It has been engineered to perfection; with every intricate detail of the purpose-built design being hand selected to deliver the kind of quality and reliability you expect in a professional grade workstation.

The Detonator™ workstation platform is powered by up to two Intel® 5600 series Xeon® processors and features a purpose-built motherboard that includes the Intel® 5520 chip set and optimized data pathways.

Manoj Nayee, Managing Director at Boston Limited said, "Hardcore machines offer relentless performance through liquid submersion; giving a user experience of unrivalled reliability for professionals demanding maximum power, speed and stability. As innovators of technology ourselves, Boston are delighted to be associated with the groundbreaking Detonator: the ultimate workstation!"

Boston will also be introducing, the Liquid Blade™ by Hardcore Computer, the world's first liquid blade server, that employs patented total liquid submersion cooling technology. With 1,350 times greater heat rejection capacity by volume than air, Liquid Blade™ is the first and only product of its kind in the industry.

Heat-generating components including CPU, GPU and power supply are submerged CoreCoolant™, providing outstanding performance, while keeping components cooler and providing greater reliability and sustained optimal performance.

Liquid Blade™ offers the latest generation of intelligent high performance 64-bit Intel® Xeon® 5600 processors, up to 12 computational cores, 24 threads and memory configurations as large as 192 GB. Liquid Blade™ is engineered to support up to 6 memory modules per processor and offers a wide menu of DDR3 fully buffered RDIMM and ECC memory configurations with memory speeds ranging from 1066 MHz to 1333MHz.