Bosnian Royal Family Passes Act of Constituting Kingdom of Bosnia, Orders Great Powers Return of Usurped Sovereignty to Royals

As exclusive holders of Bosnia's de jure sovereignty, Bosnian royalty via their newly reinstated sovereign de jure, declared "Ultra Vires" (above the law) state of monarchy.

The Bosnian Royal Family recently reclaimed their "divine right to sovereignty" under international law and customs pertinent to monarchical reinstatements. The claim was met by 85% public approval according to third-party pollsters, but also attacks from media such as It is common knowledge, the Bosnian medieval state thrived between 1153 and 1527, when the Ottomans committed regicide of the last prince-pretend Stjepan Berislavic, while establishing their first occupying administration so-called Eyalet. Bosnia has not had its own sovereign de jure (a monarch; a president) ever since, and has been named to "Bosnia-Hercegovina" cf. "Bosnia Hercegseg" (Hungarian for Princedom of Bosnia). This is why Bosnia-Hercegovina has no prefix or capital: medieval capital Jajce still has that status (although not declared) so it gets lowest area and zip code no matter the regime. Bosnia sovereignty usurpation has thus been transferred under the rules of international legal order, meaning at international conferences: Berlin 1878, Paris 1919, Tehran 1943, Dayton 1995.

In their public presentation, the Bosnian royals accuse Dr. Henry Kissinger's interest group gathered around NED foundation, for having "re-colonized Bosnia and devastated its society". The Royal Family claims that, while pretending to mean well for the people of Bosnia, those foreign elements imposed impossible conditions onto the Bosnian society, first by so-called "Dayton Peace Accords" that pre-made Bosnia a failure, which continues unabated full two decades after the war of 1990-ies. While the alleged mistakes such as the Dayton one seem to be "traditional" in the international community's foreign policy for Bosnia, this nation's abundant natural resources keep being exported for a cent on a dollar. For example, Financial Times reported in its 1998 and 2005 Annual Reports respectively, that Austrian banks, that were given exclusive access to Bosnian economy after the Dayton Accords of 1995, have climbed up from the second-to-the-last position among all West European banks in 1990-ies, to the lead position a decade later.

The royals continue with asserting that this is all approved domestically by the ex-communist cadre as the de facto government of the country. Those political structures still remain in power three decades after the fall of communism. According to OSCE data, out of thirty or so ex-communist countries, only Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia remain without the lustration of communist cadre normally applied to remove ex-communists from political life. Instead, ex-communists are heavily financed by NED foundation, which, according to a piece written by US Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), laundries billions of US taxpayers' dollars through USAID on to ex-communists around the world, while stimulating corruption within civil sector. Dr. Kissinger's recently repeated zealous calls for dissolution of millennium old Bosnia, revealed his efforts as those of an attempted usurper of US sovereignty too. Bosnian Royal Family claims that this is being done in the interest of the Anglo-Zionist alliance as formalized by the Balfour Declaration of 1917, and aimed at destabilizing the continental (mainly Catholic) Europe as well-known geostrategy of London's for centuries now. At the same time, Bosnian Royal Family acknowledges and most strongly protests Vatican's meddling in Bosnia's affairs too. Neutrality-based geopolitics is a permanent stance of the Bosnian royals due to country's rather unfortunate geographical position placing it in between four or more opposing geopolitical blocks. Bosnia has been the border between East and West Roman Empires, as well as between the Catholic and Orthodox Christendoms.

The primary usurpers of Bosnia sovereignty are the UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Russia and Japan. They compose what's known as the Steering Committee of the so-called Peace Implementation Council, which heads a divided-and-conquered theater as described by geopolitical expert Professor Michel Chossudovsky of Ottawa University who argues that the events of 1990-ies in fmr. Yugoslavia served the purpose of re-colonizing Bosnia. In their Act, the Bosnian royals order the Committee to immediately cease their usurpation of Bosnia de jure sovereignty, and surrender within 40 days the sovereignty rights/prerogative back to the Bosnia's royals as the only lawful holders of the sovereignty right. In case they don't comply, the sovereign shall proceed with protest and actions under the rules of international law.

The Act has outlawed all upcoming elections. This would make for an added reason for canceling the elections, in a wave of general dissatisfaction with democracy in Eastern Europe, best illustrated by cancellation of referendums in Slovakia and Moldavia in the past month or so. The newly reinstated sovereign of Bosnia believes that, besides exploiting human and natural resources of their target-nations, such as via Shell Oil, the main agenda by these foreign elements is to keep some old atrocities of continental Europe alive, via support provided to local corrupt and obedient individuals in politics and media, who switch team colors for the price.

The newly reinstated sovereign de jure of Bosnia, Dr. Mensur Omerbashich, is a trained scientist who received his formal education from Canada, US and Bosnia. Under the Act signed by sovereign Duke Omerbashich a new territorial division is declared consisting of seven historic duchies. Bosnian Royal Family is the sole royal family of Bosnia.