Borrowing Magnolia Wedding Resale Site Announces Sponsorship of 'Brides Against Breast Cancer®' Charity During the Month of October.

Borrowing Magnolia Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Borrowing Magnolia is pleased to announce that it will be an official sponsor of Brides Against Breast Cancer® Wedding Dresses (“BABC”) for October. Borrowing Magnolia will contribute 10% of all listing fees created during the month of October to BABC in support of their mission for breast cancer prevention and early detection.

Since 1997 BABC has raised over $40M in donations and generates over half its funding from reselling donated wedding dresses. Acting as a social enterprise charity, BABC has multi-aspects of benefit. Dress donors help with not only a dress contribution, but ultimately the funds generated from that dress sale. Dress buyers get a big discount on their purchase and take part in the bigger movement of recycling.

“We're honored to be partnering with an incredible organization like Brides Against Breast Cancer. It's a mission close to our hearts, and to be able to donate a portion of our listing proceeds to fund breast cancer prevention and detection allows us to show just how much it means," adds Borrowing Magnolia’s Marketing Manager Shellie O’Rourke.

Borrowing Magnolia is pleased to provide support to BABC’s mission of generating awareness and detection education by supporting their funding directly. “We are always grateful for companies that help us get out our message of awareness and early detection education,” said BABC’s CEO Drew Edwards. “We pride ourselves in innovative and easy to use methods to raise awareness. New brides even share our information at their weddings,” adds BABC’s COO Rod Mackenzie. Please see and for more information.

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