Borroughs Corporation Launches New Automotive Workstation Product Line

Borroughs Corporation announces the launch of an Automotive Workstation product line. The new line will be officially unveiled at the 2016 NADA convention and expo, in Las Vegas, NV - March 31st to April 3rd.

Borroughs Corporation in Kalamazoo, Michigan is pleased to announce, at the beginning of 2016, they have begun manufacturing an Automotive Workstation product line. The Borroughs Automotive Workstation is geared towards automotive service managers, mechanics/technicians, and automotive enthusiasts of every nature. Borroughs automotive workstations are designed for the professional who wants reliability, quality and some of the best features in the industry. Increasing efficiency and organization for automotive professionals at your shop is at the heart of our design. The Borroughs cabinets and storage systems can be configured in a multitude of ways to suit specific needs, and tools. Borroughs new workstations provide power outlets, and Ethernet ports all as available options.

Very professional [workstations]… From the secure packaging when they were delivered, the ease of which the units came together and installed, to the high quality, heavy-duty construction – These workstations are great.”    - William Heird, Arkansas Automotive Equipment

With today’s competitive automotive environment, keeping a dealerships service center efficient and maintained can help make service centers one of the most profitable areas in the dealership. An efficient and well laid out service center works at the heart of a dealership to reinforce branding and the overall image in the eyes of customers. In addition, it can improve employee satisfaction, retention, and create a better experience for customers and service professionals.

A few of the features are listed below.


• Lower cabinets feature modern aesthetics with recessed handles and hidden fasteners.

• Tool drawers consist of heavy-duty steel construction, with a 400 lb. capacity.

• Upper cabinets boast a soft close feature allowing them to be lifted with one hand – simply the best design in the industry.

• Key Components include: Lift control cabinets, reel cabinets, shelf cabinets, and more. All of which integrate seamlessly to create the right mix for customers.

At this price point, no competing product comes close in terms of quality, durability, and attention to detail. This professional line of workstations rounds out the complete automotive offerings from Borroughs. Now Borroughs’ automotive product lines can deliver efficient, long-lasting product options for automotive dealerships, service centers, parts departments, or repair shops. To learn more, visit the Borroughs website at

About Borroughs Corporation

Established in 1938, Borroughs has been building top-quality steel storage and shelving systems for over seventy-five years. Our focus on producing "A" grade storage products has given us the expertise to provide systems ranging from a small back room storage requirement to high-rise and multi-level systems found in today's distribution and fulfillment centers. Borroughs' industry experience is a major benefit, which adds significant value. When dealing with huge projects, diverse requirements and critical situations, there is no substitute for experience.

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