Booze Bottle Jewelry Announces 'Trademarked' Jewelry Line

Topshelf Quality and Exceptional Selections of Adult Beverage Jewelry

Booze Bottle Jewelry

Booze Bottle Jewelry is pleased to announce their trademarked jewelry line on Feb. 24, 2022. They have been preparing for this day and are excited to make their first introduction to the public.

This authentic jewelry is created from recycled booze bottles. A brand new line, featuring intoxicating concoctions to please all palates. 

Each piece of "booze bottle jewelry", is handcrafted - using the highest quality ingredients and materials. They melt glass from the bottles that hold your favorite adult beverages. Then using traditional metalsmith techniques, your recycled gem is bezel set in sterling silver.  Creating a unique, one of a kind wearable drink.

The "Bottle Bar", is a collection of in house glass. Broken down into several categories, making it simple to pick your poison.

* Beer Taps

* Champagne

*Gin Liquor Cabinet

* Tequila Liquor Cabinet

* Vodka Liquor Cabinet

* Whiskey Barrel

* Wine Cellar

Custom orders are also available. Shoppers can send in their empty bottle and Booze Bottle Jewelry will make that celebratory toast into something they can cherish forever. A special way to preserve a memorable moment.

This adult beverage jewelry, elicits strong character & unique individuality. Raise your glass and show your bubbly personality!


Contact Information:

Booze Bottle Jewelry P.O. Box 3 Hanover, MI. 49241

Alyssa Macchia (517) 740-3538

Source: Booze Bottle Jewelry

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About Booze Bottle Jewelry

Authentic jewelry, created from recycled booze bottles. A collection of intoxicating concoctions to please all palates.

Booze Bottle Jewelry
P. O. Box 3
Hanover, Michigan