Booming Travel Fare Aggregation Receives Support From Crowdsourced Web Intelligence Network, Honeygain

Honeygain, a crowdsourced web intelligence network, provides businesses with the required resources to perform, for example, travel fare aggregation across the web. As the travel industry is experiencing increasing demand for affordable flights and accommodation, companies need solutions to perform data-intensive operations and Honeygain is offering a trailblazing network for the booming travel industry before the summer season.


The Honeygain network is a valuable asset to various industries as it provides companies with the necessary public web data, especially before high-demand periods. Namely, travel businesses need large amounts of publicly accessible online information to scan competitor prices for flights or travel deals across the web and adjust their strategy accordingly as the summer season approaches. 

Notably, 68% of the closed sales within the travel industry were done online in 2022, with a trend to dominate the selling process in upcoming years. That is why Honeygain is a vital tool to its business partners, as the network provides the means to maintain competitive prices online and attract customers for its business partners.

As countless companies need to compare their prices online in their niche markets, Honeygain plays an important role for renowned brands to allow travel fare aggregators to observe real-time data and correct their prices daily. 

Moreover, popular travel destinations are often fully booked within a couple of days. Consequently, Honeygain enables the supply of the needed information to its business partners so that travel companies can react to rate changes as well as flight and accommodation bookings almost instantaneously. 

That's why Honeygain is the leading crowdsourced web intelligence network playing a crucial part in the process of providing publicly available online data to global companies.

While Honeygain developed a trail-blazing crowdsourced web intelligence technology, the company continues to take extensive security measures. Honeygain exclusively partners with reputable companies and ensures safe traffic usage at endpoints by monitoring and preventing illicit activities.

On the other receiving end are Honeygain users, who get monetary compensation for sharing their unused Internet resources with the network. Every user is awarded credits according to the amount of traffic they share that can be converted to fiat currency. The network is accessible globally to everyone wanting to try out the app.

About the Company:

Honeygain is the first-ever application that allows users to generate passive online income by sharing their Internet connection. It is the world's first crowdsourced web intelligence network that provides services to global industries for price comparisons, advertisement verification, brand protection, and more.

Source: Honeygain