Booming Las Vegas Cannabis Industry Welcomes Delivery Services by Hytiva


The premium Las Vegas cannabis brand Hytiva is partnering with Nevadan dispensaries to provide medical patients delivery services of the plant and its products directly to one’s doorstep. After the industry collected $27 million during its first month of recreational sales, beating Colorado and Oregon by nearly double, Hytiva offers to save its medical customers the time and hassle of traveling into the city amongst growing crowds and traffic.

At, one can quickly look at dispensaries’ menus and prices, browse and filter hundreds of strains based on a variety of options including THC/CBD amounts, view dispensary info, and purchase based on quantities stemming from a half gram to an ounce. Once signed up with Hytiva, the process is minimal and it’s easy to look through dispensary deals, strains, and products based on the sensation one is in search of. Medical patients still receive normal discounted prices and are required to spend a minimum of $50 to qualify for professional delivery.

Accompanying such services on the website are enlightening articles in the Learning Center containing informative reads for cannabis connoisseurs, the experienced, and newfound consumers. They provide a better understanding of the plant so anyone 21-plus considering a purchase can make an educated decision choosing what’s right for the experience they’re seeking.

The Las Vegas dispensaries collaborating with Hytiva receive their own personalized page on the website; a place where they can upload photos and videos of their location and products. Each personalized page offers viewers links to the dispensary’s site, Twitter and Facebook accounts, and includes store hours with contact information. Menus and deals are easily navigable and are updated by dispensary staff, making it easy for each business to stay on top of their supply and demand pricings as well as updating product availability and deals.

The services offered at are vast beyond providing menus, prices, delivery services, and education. Partners will include licensed professionals offering up-to-date data regarding health benefits and other facts/findings about cannabis as studies are conducted and reviewed in the legal world. Currently, articles populate Hytiva’s “Lifestyle” and “Las Vegas” sections, delivering both locals and tourists insight into the many façades of living with and exploring legalized cannabis.

As Hytiva launches its delivery services in Nevada, both consumers and partnering dispensaries will benefit from the link it provides, placing medicine in the hands of patients in a quick and timely manner using energy-efficient vehicles and educated drivers. As the industry continues to take off, dispensaries will surely profit via the delivery services – lines will be reduced, recreational consumers can check out menus before visiting a dispensary, and medical consumers can rest assured their medicine is being delivered by professional Hytiva team members quickly and efficiently.

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