Books, Blog and Social Media Marketing Platform, A Living Series, Unveils 'ALS Wall of Fame'

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A Mumbai-based author, blogger and social media marketer, Inderjit Kaur, founder of A Living Series, released a power-packed blog article on completing a half-decade journey of writing and inspiring people across the globe.

To mark this occasion, A Living Series features an ALS Wall of Fame highlighting 'The most eminent 40 people on the web' whose contribution to the society and world is remarkable!

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A Living Series Wall of Fame

To celebrate the completion of a half-decade writing journey, A Living Series has made the platform more affordable than ever for a limited time for authors who are looking for promotions. ALS is propelled by the success of its promotions.

A Living Series has now expanded its offerings for Writers who want to leverage book sales and promotion without breaking the bank. To that end, ALS has created a unique version of its Active Campaign, offering a 50 percent forever discount for the first 25 users to sign up for the promotion.

A Living Series Promotion

“We’re really excited to be able to offer the Active Campaign and through this special promotion, more affordably than ever before,” says A Living Series founder Inderjit Kaur. “Now more authors can take advantage of this powerful platform, at a rate that falls within their budget. Even without this discount, A Living Series promotions pricing is a lot less than that of other competitors.”

This special promotion edition of the Active Campaign will provide a unique social media marketing opportunity, in which both subscribers and their friends will be beneficial to attain maximum online visibility.

About ALS 

Founder Inderjit Kaur: “Over the last five years, I’ve achieved what I wanted to achieve with this blog: built an outlet and inspired people with my writings and expressing thoughts on motivation, became a better writer. There have been things I got out of blogging that I didn’t expect: I’ve been invited to give a few talks about inspiration and motivation, which led me to be a published book author in penguin and Notion press, tweets, blogs and met some of the nicest people on here whom I want to thank as a mark of appreciation and celebrating a half-decade of a successful journey of A Living Series.

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