BookJane Launches Scheduling & Data Analytics Features for the BookJane J360 Platform

BookJane J360

BookJane Inc. (“BookJane”) today announces the release of two major new features that will be available on the BookJane J360 Platform: Scheduling & Data Analytics. The new features will work in tandem with the BookJane caregiver app to provide health care centres a simple and efficient way to fill and monitor all of their shifts.

BookJane’s scheduling module allows health care centres to quickly and easily schedule all of their staff, months in advance and make adjustments to shifts in real time. If a shift is cancelled, the BookJane platform will automatically place the shift into the pool of available jobs to be picked up by another worker from the community. This process complies with any health centre’s union call-out procedure, which will ensure every worker has access to available jobs depending on their seniority level.

“Scheduling is a function our customers have asked for and we’ve delivered. With scheduling powered by BookJane J360, our customers see a large increase in time savings which is crucial for any health care organization. We don’t just save our customers time by simplifying the schedule-creation process, we save them an immense amount of time by automating their call-out procedures. Time saved means more resources focused on patient care,” said Curtis Khan, CEO and founder of BookJane.

Complimenting scheduling, BookJane also has released a new data analytics feature which will allow health care communities to gain insights into cost allocation such as time spent to fill a shift, overtime pay and department-specific staffing results that can be benchmarked nationally against other locations. Since labour is often the largest cost within a health care facility, our Data Analytics module allows department leaders and managers to better understand how their resources are being spent and adjust accordingly.

“Combined, these products are offered to clients at affordable rates. Instead of using a scheduling platform, booking service and analytics software all provided by different companies, we’re able to provide our clients all of these in one customized product. With that, BookJane J360 just works. All of the information you need is there in one place. This level of ease and simplicity cannot be matched by any company in the market today,” Khan further iterated.

The scheduling and data analytics features launch today with a major North American senior care provider. The integration of the booking platform with the caregiver app ensures that the moment a team member cancels a shift on the BookJane app, BookJane J360 will automatically fill that shift in minutes without the need for any phone call or waiting on any agency. This is how BookJane is automating the healthcare industry to drive efficiency and cost-savings for each of our clients.

The BookJane J360 platform is available to customers for a monthly subscription fee. For businesses interested in learning more about scheduling and analytics, please contact directly. 

About BookJane Inc.

BookJane is a visionary company that through the use of its technologies, is addressing the inefficiencies in finding certified services professionals when needed. Our platform, BookJane J360, is being deployed as an enterprise platform for business customers’ internal use throughout the United States and Canada.

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