Bonzai Transforms the Employee Intranet Experience at PTC

How PTC united a global workforce with Bonzai Intranet and SharePoint 2016.

Case Study on PTC's Intranet Deployment with Bonzai and SharePoint 2016

Today marks the official release of a case study that highlights how Bonzai Intranet transformed the employee experience at PTC, a leading IoT and Augmented Reality Technology innovator. The case study highlights how the organization united a global workforce with a new corporate portal built with SharePoint 2016 and Bonzai Intranet.

With 6000+ employees spread across 30 countries, PTC successfully launched a new Intranet in record-breaking time and successfully experienced:

  • 94% user adoption three months after launch.
  • 340% increase in social engagement and activity on the intranet three months after launch.
  • 100% decrease in content duplication.

Equipped with better intranet and content analytics, PTC's Employee Communication Department can now empower content owners with insight into news stories that are sticky so that content that garners engagement can proliferate faster.

Jennifer Kirscher, Employee Communications Manager shares, "Since Bonzai is so easy to use, even those with no SharePoint knowledge can publish new content." She adds further, "departments are now empowered to own their own content—internal communications at PTC has never run so smoothly." Last week Kirscher spoke in Los Angeles at ALI's Conference on Internal Branding, Employee Engagement & Culture Strategies to educate others on the project's success.

PTC's new intranet environment was up and running within four months after project launch. Jeff Rousell, Director of IT and Business Systems exclaims, "We were able to deploy Bonzai extremely fast which freed up resources and enabled my team to focus on developing a line of business applications that impact productivity at PTC." He adds further, "Our strategy was to launch a minimal viable product as fast as possible so we could measure and iterate quickly."

With freed up time, Rousell's team could focus on value-driven activities. For example, to increase user adoption, Rousell's team implemented a virtual reality (VR) scavenger hunt that simultaneously taught users how to navigate the new intranet while educating them on one of PTC's new VR apps.

For before and after photos of PTC's new case study and to learn more about the factors that contributed to PTC's success, download the case study.

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