Bonnie Cappello Talks Data Security and Keeping Finances in Order

Bonnie Cappello has enjoyed a successful career working with Medicare, Medicaid, and in corporate insurance.

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Now specializing in tax preparation and accounting, Bonnie Cappello is keen to stress the importance of financial well-being and data security, to clients and the public alike.

According to Personnel Today, around 70 percent of employers now recognize the importance of financial well-being on their workforce but are yet to formally address the matter.

The public has a right to know that their personal information is being properly protected by those who they've trusted to store it.
Bonnie Cappello
Financial troubles have been shown to cause absenteeism among staff, according to a recent study. Those with financial worries are almost twice as likely to miss work through stress or poor health.

"Common financial concerns include housing costs and retirement savings," says Bonnie Cappello. "They're the same concerns in most businesses and I want to see them properly addressed."

While focused primarily on the medical industry, Cappello says her suggestions apply to all forms of business and, subsequently, staff from all walks of life.

"For starters, I'd propose debt management schemes, and tools for proper weekly and monthly budget management," she adds.

Meanwhile, a similar number of employers and businesses are overlooking important aspects of their data security, a separate study has revealed.

Data security encompasses the safekeeping of all digital data, such as customer and employee records, from cyber attacks or other breaches.

International laws and standards largely ensure basic requirements are met, but Bonnie Cappello insists that more can always be done by business owners.

Much of this, she says, comes down to good financial housekeeping.

"Tidy accounting and data security go hand in hand," says Capello. "When I'm working with a new business I examine everything but pay particularly close attention to changes over time. I'm looking for discrepancies which may highlight a data breach in the making."

She continues, "A focus on financial well-being and a keen eye for data security are key to maintaining good relationships with senior staff, employees and suppliers alike."

"What's more," says Capello, "The public has a right to know that their personal information is being properly protected by those who they've trusted to store it."

Cappello also works on-site with businesses to install software solutions in an effort to optimize and streamline their financial procedures. "I'm always thinking about data security, and the financial well-being of a company's staff," she says.

"I want to reiterate the importance of high standards of accounting and finance management," Cappello adds. "Data privacy is always of the utmost importance and I'm here to make sure that's taken care of."

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