Bonnie Cappello Reveals the Importance of Financial Well-Being and Data Security in Medical Finance

With a long background in medical sector finance, Bonnie Cappello knows a thing or two about facts, figures, and data security.

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​​Based in Lake Mary, Bonnie Cappello now specializes in tax preparation and accounting but maintains a keen interest—both professionally and personally—in matters surrounding the security of our data and private information.

She's also an advocate of what she calls "financial well-being" within companies across all sectors, both large and small.

"I consider the capability to forecast budgets for any medical practice or business to be critical to their success,"

Bonnie Cappello

Highly regarded in the industry, having worked with Medicare, Medicaid and in corporate insurance, Cappello has helped to both establish and further grow a number of local businesses in the finance and medical sectors.

Having provided her expertise and support to senior finance executives, physician groups, surgical centers and other healthcare institutions, one often overlooked area she's keen to address the industry is revenue cycle management.

By highlighting areas of concern, Cappello is able to identify the source of a potential problem and immediately address it before a more serious issue arises.

"I examine everything, but pay particularly close attention to changes over time. The week on week or year on year, I'm looking for discrepancies which may highlight even a minor problem in the making," she remarks.

It's along the same lines which Cappello is also keen to stress the importance of exacting financial reporting.

"I consider the capability to forecast budgets for any medical practice or business to be critical to their success," says Cappello.

While reporting is handled by all medical sector businesses as a necessity, Cappello says attention to both detail and data security is absolutely instrumental.

"Staff typically don't have adequate time to perform hours of calculations, or prepare detailed journal entries and financial statements which go into the tiniest details, which is why I'm on hand to tackle these matters," she says.

She also carefully studies accounts payable procedures and ensures that all bills and expenses are accurately managed and taken care of in a timely manner. She adds, "It's key to maintaining good relationships with senior staff, employees and suppliers alike."

Bonnie Cappello also works with businesses to implement software solutions, with the goal of streamlining and optimizing their financial procedures, and always with an emphasis on data security.

"I want to reiterate the importance of high standards of accounting and finance management," she says. "Efficiency is key to success in any business, but in this industry, data privacy is of the utmost importance and I'm here to make sure that's taken care of."

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