Bonnie Cappello, CPA Has Strong Background in Providing Assistance for Company's Finances

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Clinics, medical centers, and other licensed health operations are always under the obligation to improve the quality of care. Bonnie Cappello has been serving these medical professionals, especially in the areas of billing, coding, and accounts receivable administration, for years.

There are several areas of her services that have provided support for chief financial officers, large physician group clientele, mobile surgical centers, and other healthcare entities.

Cappello's resume is quite impressive. She has been a highly analytical executive for twenty years of leadership experience. This tenure includes 12 years focused on the healthcare industry. She always has been a resourceful problem solver with the ability to enter complicated companies with financial issues and turn them around.

She accomplishes these turnarounds with team building, financial controls, and policy development.

Some of Cappello's career highlights include leading the growth of public accounting firm and secured position as a Partner before selling CPA firm. She has also rebuilt the billing department, dramatically increasing collections and profits while decreasing costs.

Finally, Cappello also gained extensive knowledge in all aspects of Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurance, and ACA. These lessons have helped her immensely with the companies she helps financially.

Education-wise, Cappello graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Professional Accounting at Orlando College. She also received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting at Dowling College. Finally, she is a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Florida.

These are just a short list of the multiple financial assistance areas Cappello offers when working with these medical practices.

Revenue Cycle Management

When conducting a business check-up, Cappello examines vital signs to highlight areas of matter.

She also will evaluate the overall effectiveness of methods used by Charge Entry, and Collections and Payment Posting.

Support is a keyword for Cappello and her relationships with medicinal practices. Cappello supports the management of managed care records to guarantee profitability. This service brings back guaranteed payment for services provided. She assists with PQRS and uses decisions to ensure revenue.

Also, these revenue cycle management assistance by Cappello is becoming more crucial given growing bearings in healthcare.

Physician Compensation Reports

Cappello prepares regular conditional diversity reports for physicians and their work. These statements include collections, charges, procedure costs, and net income.

Also, she aids with physician compensation problems and bonus counts. These areas of billing and accounts could get difficult if done in-house by untrained staff.

Finally, Cappello also helps with physicians on buy/sell contracts and maintains a program for physician retirement.

Financial Reporting Problems

Cappello considers having the capability to project budgets is crucial to any thriving practice. In making sure her customers have this gratification, she prepares monthly journal records and financial reports.

Also, she reviews accounts payable methods to ensure bills are paid on time. Her assistance makes sure they are not double paid. Those benefits are related to each cut given by the practice.

Finally, Cappello is pleased with the services she provides to her long list of customers. These medical practices and staff benefit from her expert judgment on a monthly basis. Companies have the tools to succeed and become profitable each year.

The evidence of Cappello's success is evident with the companies she's worked with over the years. From training staff to gathering data for reports, she has the knowledge to make essential decisions for practices. Her track record speaks for itself in the medical industry and financial world for her years of work.

If any medical facility needs aid in supervising financial information, Cappello is the woman for the job.

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