Bone Thugs Kids Release EP #BloodlineHarmony

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony's unique style of fast, melodic delivery, raised the bar of expectation in Hip-Hop. They have sold over 20 million albums, won a Grammy, and continue to sell out Worldwide Tours. The Baby Bones, Bloodline Harmony, have grown up and released an EP today on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Spotify.


Formerly known as S.T.I.G., which was changed recently in order to brand their style and family roots. The word 'Bloodline' refers to their biological relation, the letters B, O, N, and E are highlighted in the Album art.  

​In BTNH Fashion, there are 5 members. All 5 come from the house of Bryon McCane II, aka Bizzy Bone. 

YB and Lil Bizzy, both biological Sons to Bizzy, while the remaining 3 are his nephews, mothered by Hope and Heather McCane. Heather is also the groups Manager. 

Jeremy Howse, son of Steven Howse (Layzie Bone), is a solo artist, but enjoys collaborating with the group. J. Howse appears on the fourth verse of 'O.H.I.O.' 

"It's important for me that these guys aren't viewed as a gimmick, or Carbon Copy version of something that already exists. " says Aaron "D-Boyy" Dissell, who Produced the EP, and sings the Chorus of the "Good Life" Single.

"I met Heather, Hope, and the guys through Layzie Bone." says Dissell.

"A few months after working on 'Cleveland is The City' (Layzie Bone & Corey Bapes Song) Layzie called and says 'I'm rollin with the Baby Bones. I need you get some beats set aside for me". That night we made 'Og's' (feat. Layzie Bone). We kept contact, now we have a project."


1. Good Life (feat. Aaron "D-Boyy" Dissell

2. Og's (feat. Layzie Bone)

3. Og's, Pt. 2

4. O.H.I.O. (feat. Jeremy Howse)


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