Bona Fide Masks Corp. Ready as Experts Recommend KN95 and N95 Masks to Those Impacted by Canadian Wildfires

Company Continues to Expand Product Line While Country Faces Poor Air Quality

Bona Fide Masks Corp. (, part of the Ball Chain Manufacturing Co. Inc. (Ball Chain) family of companies, is ready to help those facing poor air quality from the Canadian wildfires. The company offers high-quality, authentic Powecom® and Harley® KN95 masks and Harley® N95 masks, which meet Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for respiratory protection. 

As natural disasters such as wildfires become more prevalent and officials warn residents to take precautions, it has become increasingly important to be prepared ahead of time. The CDC advises that the use of "respirators" such as N95s that are regulated through NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) and KN95s can be extremely effective in protecting the throat and lungs from such particles. The AGU (Advancing Earth and Space Science Organization) also notes that N95 mask usage may reduce hospitalizations from wildfire smoke by 30%

Bona Fide Masks® continues to expand its business model by increasing product offerings to institutions and individual customers. The company is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Powecom and Harley KN95 masks, and one of the few authorized U.S. distributors of Harley N95 masks. N95 masks are considered the gold standard for respiratory protection within the United States as they are regulated by NIOSH and OSHA (Occupational Safety Health Administration) to provide protection from at least 95% of airborne particles measuring 0.3. µm (microns) or greater.

Bona Fide Masks has worked to help provide access to quality masks around the world, particularly to those in underserved communities. Bona Fide Masks is one of the trusted supplier options for Canadian residents and institutions as they already have partnered with a delivery service to alleviate customs fees for international delivery. 

Bona Fide Masks and the Ball Chain family of businesses have a long history of providing high-quality, authentic products to their customers through a transparent and secure supply chain. "As the country faces diminished air quality, our company is proud to continue offering high-quality, authentic products at a reasonable price point. We are committed to our customers and are honored to be the trusted source for masks, as we only purchase directly from manufacturers. Our customers remember that during the pandemic, Bona Fide Masks donated over 1.5 million masks to communities in need throughout the country. We have also reached out to local communities and neighboring states, offering to help by donating an additional 1 million N95 masks to combat the poor air quality caused by the wildfires. We will continue to expand our products and services, especially as we face wildfires and other environmental threats." - Bill Taubner, President, Bona Fide Masks Corp.

More about Ball Chain Manufacturing Co., Inc. and Bona Fide Masks Corp.:

Bill Taubner, the current company President, honors his great-grandfather and grandfather who started Ball Chain Manufacturing Co., Inc. (Ball Chain) in a small garage behind their home in the Bronx, NY. The company has been family-owned and operated since 1938. Ball Chain is now the world's largest manufacturer of ball chains (, seen on military dog tags, ceiling fans, handbags, and light pulls, among many other goods. The company manufactures more than 3 million feet of product per week at its Mount Vernon, New York, factory (all ball chains are made in the USA). Ball Chain is the exclusive supplier to the U.S. military for the iconic dog tag ID necklace worn by U.S. servicemen and women, and the company takes tremendous pride in everything it does. 

Originally a division of Ball Chain, Bona Fide Masks Corp. handles warehousing and distribution with precision and purpose, systematically employing proven, regimented processes and protocols to assure quality products, as supply chain security and transparency are its highest priorities. In this regard, Bona Fide Masks is proud to issue statements of authenticity, providing further confidence to its customers and reinforcing its commitment to supply chain integrity and providing high-quality masks and protection.

Ball Chain has appointed Priti Patel as Director of Marketing, effective May 24, 2023. Ms. Patel will be part of the management team and will work on enhancing digital offerings, among other marketing efforts.

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About Bona Fide Masks

During height of pandemic, at the request of a local community leader, the owners of Ball Chain Mfg. Co Inc. formed Bona Fide Masks® to help address PPE shortage. Bona Fide Masks has grown to be a trusted supplier of genuine masks & related products.

Bona Fide Masks
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