Bona Fide Masks Corp., Exclusive U.S. Distributor of Powecom® KN95 Masks, Provides Free KN95s in NYC

Company to Distribute Free Powecom KN95 Masks in Times Square Area in NYC

Bona Fide Masks

Bona Fide Masks Corp. (, part of the Ball Chain Manufacturing Co., Inc. (Ball Chain) family of companies out of Mount Vernon, New York, announces its plan to distribute free Powecom® KN95 masks in the Times Square Shuttle subway station in partnership with Brooklyn Center for Independence of the Disabled (BCID). Bona Fide Masks® has organized this effort with BCID as a direct response to the latest surge of COVID-19, flu and RSV. The company's goal is to distribute high-quality, authentic masks directly to the public to support a safe environment while taking public transportation. 

Bona Fide Masks is pleased to support Brooklyn Center for Independence of the Disabled with authentic KN95 mask donations. Bona Fide Masks has already donated over 1.25 million masks to over 200 non-profit organizations, supporting a variety of causes and critical groups including domestic violence, elderly care, the disabled community, veterans, soup kitchens and more. Additionally, the company has facilitated grassroots distribution efforts through collaboration with local community leaders. "We have received an outpouring of requests from individuals in lower economic communities asking us for support. We have incorporated these requests into our 1.5 million mask donation pledge. It's been our honor to work with so many organizations and community heroes to distribute our masks. Charitable efforts have always been at the core of our 80-year-old, family-owned, and operated business. We have always embraced the concept of giving back." - Bill Taubner, President, Bona Fide Masks. 

The hours of this activation are: Jan. 25 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. We will be located at the Times Square Shuttle subway station in the mezzanine area. These Brand Ambassadors will be fully outfitted in Bona Fide Masks apparel to make them easier to identify. 

Advocates from Mask Mandates NY, Bronx Independent Living Services, Center for Independence of the Disabled, NY, Harlem Independent Living Center and Staten Island Center for Independence will join the Bona Fide Masks team to distribute free, authentic KN95 masks to the general public.

Now through Jan. 31, customers can take advantage of the promo code WINTER15 for 15% off of all orders. The company remains committed to making masks as affordable and accessible as possible. Bona Fide Masks is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Powecom KN95 masks in the United States. "Helping out is in our DNA. We immediately said yes when Joe from the Brooklyn Center for Independence of the Disabled reached out and asked for our help. That's who we are and that's what we do." - Bill Taubner

More about Ball Chain Manufacturing Co., Inc. and Bona Fide Masks Corp.: 

The current owners' great-grandfather and grandfather started Ball Chain Manufacturing Co., Inc. (Ball Chain) in a small garage behind their home in the Bronx, NY. The company has been family-owned and operated since 1938. Ball Chain is now the world's largest manufacturer of ball chains (, seen on military dog tags, ceiling fans, handbags and light pulls, among many other goods. The company manufactures more than 3 million feet of product per week at its Mount Vernon, New York factory (all ball chains are made in the USA). Ball Chain is the exclusive supplier to the U.S. military for the iconic dog tag ID necklace worn by U.S. servicemen and women, and the company takes tremendous pride in everything it does.   

Originally a division of Ball Chain, Bona Fide Masks Corp. handles warehousing and distribution with the utmost focus, systematically employing proven, regimented processes and protocols, as supply chain security and transparency are its highest priorities. In this regard, Bona Fide Masks is proud to issue statements of authenticity, providing further confidence to its customers and reinforcing its commitment to supply chain integrity.

Source: Bona Fide Masks Corp

About Bona Fide Masks

During height of pandemic, at the request of a local community leader, the owners of Ball Chain Mfg. Co Inc. formed Bona Fide Masks® to help address PPE shortage. Bona Fide Masks has grown to be a trusted supplier of genuine masks & related products.

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