Bona Fide Masks Corp. Appoints Deliverr® as Strategic 3PL Partner

Bona Fide Masks Corp. ( continues to scale its E-commerce business, announcing a strategic partnership with third-party logistics (3PL) provider, Deliverr®. As part of this agreement, Deliverr will serve as Bona Fide Masks' logistics partner, providing storage, packaging, and shipping solutions for Bona Fide Masks' products through strategically selected fulfillment centers. 

This agreement will position Bona Fide Masks to scale globally, while consistently delivering a superior customer experience. In a thriving e-commerce marketplace, customers have become accustomed to and expect to receive their products within 1-2 days after placing an order. This new partnership will improve delivery services, getting orders to customers more quickly and efficiently. Additionally, Bona Fide Masks will reinforce its commitment to sustainability with more efficient shipping, reducing its carbon footprint and optimizing recycled and sustainable packaging materials.  

"As a family-owned and operated company built on trust and transparency, we evaluate potential partners carefully. It's essential to us that we work with businesses that share similar goals. We have been impressed with Deliverr's expansive knowledge of the e-commerce space, with a team of software engineers and operations experts that have decades of experience building some of the most complex and leading logistics systems of today's marketplace.

"We are delighted to be working with a best-in-class logistics partner. As our company has grown, so has our commitment to our customers. In scaling our operation, we recognized the need for a 3PL partner to assist us in getting our products into customers' hands as quickly as possible. We will continue to invest in technology and optimize our processes which will enable us to continue scaling the company. We are thrilled to maintain customer service excellence as we continue to grow our business. Given our commitment to supply chain integrity, we did extensive vetting before we chose a 3PL partner. We knew we had a responsibility to our customers to execute this the only way we know how... the right way. Our senior management personnel spent a great deal of time visiting the fulfillment centers both on the East and West Coast. We were extremely impressed with the state-of-the-art facilities and Deliverr's commitment to integrity, transparency, efficiency, and our partnership." - Bill Taubner, President, Bona Fide Masks.

"Bona Fide Masks is a fast-growing leader in the mask industry. We are thrilled to add them to our expanding list of clients. Given the emphasis Bona Fide Masks places on trust and transparency, we are honored to serve as their logistic shipping partner. Our team of software engineers, operations experts and customer specialists has decades of experience building and operating some of the most complex logistics systems for leading companies. We are leveraging cutting-edge machine learning and optimization technology to build a smart fulfillment network, enabling anyone, anywhere to offer fast and cost-effective delivery. We are excited to join forces with a fourth-generation, family-owned and operated company and be part of their successes." - Harish Abbott, CEO, Deliverr.

More about Ball Chain Manufacturing. Co., Inc.:

Family-owned and -operated since 1938, Ball Chain is the only major U.S. manufacturer of metal ball chain and attachments. The company's ball chain is featured in window roller shades, light fixtures, plumbing devices, keychains and jewelry items. Headquartered in Mount Vernon, New York. with global distribution, Ball Chain designs and fabricates innovative products while providing exemplary customer service. After entering the interior design market with ShimmerScreen® decorative metal curtains, the company further diversified its offerings with the launch of LogoTags, a promotional products division. Ball Chain is proud of its commitment to the American workforce and the environment. The company has earned industry recognition for its responsible business practices, including "green business" certification from the Green Business Bureau (GBB) and certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

About Deliverr: Deliverr provides logistics superpowers for all. With a vast network of 50+ warehouses, 2 cross-docks, carrier partnerships, and best-in-class intelligent fulfillment and logistics technology, Deliverr enables merchants of all sizes to go beyond the status quo and forge the broken logistics chain back together one link, one primitive, one service at a time. Deliverr provides fulfillment, freight (including drayage, transloading, and less-than-truckload LTL), reserve storage, warehouse prep, and returns services; as well as connecting to all major marketplaces and providers. Founded in 2017, Deliverr is a multi-award winner for Best Place to Work from BuildIn. In May 2022, Shopify announced its intent to acquire Deliverr.

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Bill Taubner, President,

Cristina Chianese, VP of Marketing & Strategy, 

Ball Chain Mfg. Co., Inc. / Bona Fide Masks Corp.

Source: Bona Fide Masks Corp.