Bona Fide Masks® Continues to Provide High Quality, Authentic Masks for Respiratory Season

Company Remains Committed to Business Model as Others Wind Down Operations

Bona Fide Masks®

Bona Fide Masks® (BFM) has reaffirmed its long-term commitment to providing high-quality, authentic masks. This confirmation comes as another key mask provider announced that it will cease operations this week.

BFM has been consistent in its brand promise to support consumer confidence through every aspect of its perpetual vetting business model. This promise includes supply chain integrity, direct relationships with highly regarded mask producers, and in-house testing, catapulting BFM to status as The Trusted Source™ in the mask marketplace. 

BFM continues to increase stock levels and has millions of authentic protective N95 and KN95 masks ready to ship to institutions and individual customers. The company is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Powecom® and Harley® KN95 masks and the exclusive U.S. distributor of Harley S-188N and S-108 N95 masks. 

BFM works to ensure that customers have peace of mind when making mask purchases. The company made a significant capital investment in April of 2022, securing an in-house respirator tester designed specifically for filter media. The 100X Automated Filter Tester by Air Techniques International supports quality control validation of filter media, replaceable particulate filters and masks used in medical and industry hygiene applications. BFM’s additional in-house testing does not replace manufacturer or third-party testing but rather adds an additional layer of quality control. 

In October of 2022, BFM became the first mask business to achieve ISO 9001 certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), an organization which has established a coordinated system of quality management standards. The ISO vetting process includes all aspects of the company’s business, including purchasing, supply chain integrity, logistics, delivery, infrastructure, testing, human resources, finance, and accounting. By earning and maintaining IS0 9001:2015 certification, BFM has underscored its unwavering commitment to its customers and its business partners, meeting and exceeding strict international standards. 

“With other mask businesses shutting down, we want to reassure customers that we’re here for the long haul. Our family businesses date to 1938, and we look forward to continuing to serve our mask customers with products that have been evaluated under our perpetual vetting model. We focus on direct relationships with esteemed manufacturers. Our goal is to keep masks accessible and affordable. You can count on us to remain your trusted source for authentic, protective masks.” – Bill Taubner, President, Bona Fide Masks.

BFM has a long history of giving back to the community, stemming from the height of the pandemic when front line and emergency workers needed assistance securing masks that met applicable standards. Keeping with the long tradition of giving back, the company has donated over 1 million masks to non-profit organizations all over the United States in the past year.

More about Ball Chain Manufacturing Co., Inc., and Bona Fide Masks:

The current owners' great-grandfather and grandfather started Ball Chain Manufacturing Co., Inc. (Ball Chain) in a small garage behind their home in the Bronx, NY. The company has been family-owned and operated since 1938. Ball Chain is now the world's largest manufacturer of ball chains (, seen on military dog tags, ceiling fans, handbags, and light pulls, among many other goods. The company manufactures more than 3 million feet of product per week at its Mount Vernon, New York factory (all ball chains are made in the USA). Ball Chain is the exclusive supplier to the U.S. military for the iconic dog tag ID necklace worn by U.S. servicemen and women, and the company takes tremendous pride in everything it does.

Originally a division of Ball Chain, Bona Fide Masks Corp. handles warehousing and distribution with the utmost focus, systematically employing proven, regimented processes and protocols, as supply chain security and transparency are its highest priorities. In this regard, Bona Fide Masks is proud to issue statements of authenticity, providing further confidence to its customers and reinforcing its commitment to supply chain integrity.

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About Bona Fide Masks

During height of pandemic, at the request of a local community leader, the owners of Ball Chain Mfg. Co Inc. formed Bona Fide Masks® to help address PPE shortage. Bona Fide Masks has grown to be a trusted supplier of genuine masks & related products.

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