BombBomb Drops Major Release of New Features

Colorado video messaging company enhances its asynchronous video platform with editing, trimming, backgrounds, and customizable banners

New video editing and banners for BombBomb users

 Video messaging provider,, announced today its launch of new and expanded features in its camera and screen recording applications. 

The new features demonstrate BombBomb's continuous commitment to enriching their Members' experience of recording and editing videos and enhancing the viewer's experience.  

Recent releases, like background blur and uploading images as backgrounds, from BombBomb led up to this latest drop of improvements. These features empower BombBomb's customers with a growing selection of new tools to produce and share high-quality, personalized video messages.

New notable features include:

  • Video trimming and stitching: Edit out segments of a video with trimming, to cut out pauses or missed starts, so Members don't have to re-record their video. Stitching allows Members to tell one seamless story by adding video clips into their videos. Perfect for connecting ideas, making projects collaborative, or giving project updates, stitching also means Members can create and re-use a standard intro and outro on each video-- like a logo, their web address or other "bumper."   
  • Video Banners: By adding a banner to a video, Members can display information they'd like viewers to keep top of mind, such as their name, title, and company. With the ability to choose from a variety of templates, Members can align the banner with their brand and keep their name and message running throughout a video for a professional look and lasting impression.

BombBomb is an innovator in video email and messaging, founded in 2006. The Colorado Springs, CO SaaS company serves 45,000 users in 43 countries. For more information, visit

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BombBomb is a video messaging platform that empowers solopreneurs and enterprises to communicate and collaborate using asynchronous videos. The company serves 45,000 customers in 43 countries to drive business with video email and video sharing.

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